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Vice-chair of the Jan.6 committee, Liz Cheney, reacted after it was reported that the panel withdrew from requests for some Trump documents.

In a December 16 letter Released Tuesday, Biden White House Deputy Counselor Jonathan C. Su said some of the documents requested by the fictitious panel could relate to executive privilege.

The January 6 panel agreed to back down and said it would “postpone” its request for documents.

CNN reported:

TREND: PART 3: WE TAKEN THEM: Deep state agent Don Berlin submitted a bogus election dossier to President Trump before 1-6, now the Jan.6 committee is using it to claim the insurgency and take down President Trump

The House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 has resigned from its demands for some documents from the Trump White House following talks with the Biden administration.

The White House said some of the documents requested by the House could potentially involve state secrets or executive privileges because they were part of high-level national security deliberations, according to a letter from the White House council office released Tuesday. The House said it would “postpone” its requests for those records.

Another set of documents that the House dropped may not have been very useful, however, because, although they were created on the dates requested by the committee, they were not related to the panel’s investigation, the White House letter says. As a result, the committee will not currently receive hundreds of pages of National Security Council documents.

Trump released a statement Wednesday BLASTING Cheney and the Marxists at the Jan.6 panel after they were forced to resign from his record request:

Liz Cheney threw a tantrum and responded to Trump.

“False. The Committee of 6 January did not withdraw the requests for the necessary documents. In fact, we are actively fighting over the White House documents that Trump is trying to hide. We will not allow him to hide the truth about January 6, or his conduct, from the American people ”. Liz Cheney said Wednesday night.


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