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Information from the American Institute for the Evaluation and Review of Pharmaceuticals, VAERS, gives cause for concern!

The variations in toxicity documented by VAERS for the so-called. “Vaccine” by Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen indicate that the severity of the toxicity of their vaccines has increased up to 3,000 times depending on certain batches. Watch these videos by Craig Paardekooper before considering vaccinating yourself against Covid.

A contribution from Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg which talks about the vaccination issue as a Russian roulette wheel.


Craig Paardekooper and others have subjected the American VAERS database to a detailed analysis, in which the damages are documented in close temporal connection with the administration of the preparations of BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen. It turned out that the individual batches of the so-called vaccinations show extremely different toxicity. In some batches, toxicity increased up to 3,000 times. The decision to vaccinate therefore becomes a Russian roulette wheel.
The deviations are so extreme that they cannot be accidental or related to a change in toxicity due to the application. On the contrary, there is much that suggests that large-scale genetic engineering experiments are being carried out on the unsuspecting population right now under the cover of the alleged emergency situation and all this has been made possible, even promoted, by the legal preparatory work. politician and with the support of governments and authorities.
Proven rules in the past that required thorough, long-term studies for drug approval have been suspended under the pretext of a pandemic. Now you can experience many things and use them a lot. Pharmaceutical companies are currently taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and are testing 120 applications for experimental vaccines Crown in an unbureaucratic way. In his speech to the World Health Summit 2021 a Berlino, iBayer CEO Stefan Oelrich (video after 1:37:40 h) described the mRNA vaccine as a “gene therapy that 95% of the population would have rejected just two years ago”.
Riding the wave of fear, profit-oriented pharmaceutical companies are currently experimenting with everything that can be patented in terms of methods and products, and parallel data collection campaigns make it much easier to observe the effects of their experiments – and without having to. accept responsibility. Resistance from ethics committees is out of the question.
The gateway to the experimental pharmaceutical industry is the so-called “telescopic approval procedure”. While the development of new vaccines otherwise took many years (specifically at least five years, on average eight years) and proceeded according to strict step-by-step rules, the WHO made the “telescopic approval procedure” possible by declaring a “pandemic emergency”.
According to the current practice of clinical trials, there were at least four phases, each of which was to subsequently provide the levels of safety required for the next phase, compare the explanations.i on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research:
Phase I studies they are small studies in which a new treatment is used for the first time in humans, particularly in healthy volunteers. At this stage, basic properties such as the tolerability and safety of a new drug are tested to see if it is suitable for use in humans.
Phase II studies they are somewhat larger than phase I studies. They usually have 100 to 300 participants. In phase II, a drug is first tested in patients suffering from the disease for which the drug is being developed. The focus is on the optimal dosage. In addition, the first data on efficacy are collected.
Phase III studies they are large studios. They provide relatively accurate information on efficacy and tolerability. In the vast majority of cases, they are comparative studies. Patients receiving the treatment under consideration are compared to a control group receiving a different treatment.
Phase IV trials they take place when a drug is already on the market. There are several reasons for phase IV studies. For example, it may make sense to specifically re-examine an already approved drug in patients with certain characteristics. In phase IV studies, the rare side effects of a drug may also be better assessed because more patients are treated.
Actually, regarding the Moderna, BioNtech-Pfizer, Janssen or AstraZeneka syringes, you should be in a Phase IV study (post-marketing / observation study) after their “Conditional marketing authorization”. Regarding conditional marketing authorization, the highest authority responsible for medicines in Germany, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), states – in italics: Author’s notes):
“A conditional marketing authorization is an authorization that is subject to conditions. Can be granted for a medicinal product in the interest of the public,
– if the benefit of the immediate availability of the medicine outweighs the risk of less extensive data than is normally required. (Where’s the benefit-harm trade-off?)
– when it comes to the treatment or prevention of a life-threatening disease. This includes drugs for rare diseases, (COVID-19 did not result in more sick and dying than normal flu).
– if the CHMP determines that all of the following requirements are met:
– if the benefit of the immediate availability of the medicine outweighs the risk of less detailed data than is normally required. (Where’s the benefit-harm trade-off?)
– The applicant submits the complete data at a later stage. (what? when? see VERS data))
– A medical need not yet covered is met (this is obviously not the case, rather massive incorrect treatment has been done and continues to be done, causing damage in the first place) Conditional approvals are valid for one year and can be renewed annually . They can turn into a full authorization.
Even if the study steps are put together in the “telescopic” procedure, it must of course already be determined which ingredients a trial candidate should contain, and all approved drugs must have correspondingly identical content. The retrospective samples of each lot must document this, as well as the regular checks by the pharmaceutical authorities.
However, the PEI said on request that it does not perform these drug control tests directly, but relies on the prescribed quality controls and reporting, which manufacturers are obligated to do.
To date, the IEP has not responded upon request, under the Freedom of Information Act, on checking the contents of Corona vaccine batches of October 15, 2021. As with other Corona measures, testing and transparency are apparently not required.
Meanwhile, several international teams of researchers have systematically examined the USA VAERS side effect database and discovered as early as October 31, 2021 that all reported serious side effects and deaths in the USA can only be attributed to a very small fraction of batches or batches. (Here is a report from the official VAERS website). Now more and more discoveries are emerging that reveal frightening correlations.
The VAERS database has provided evidence for vaccine batches that have very different effects. The log contains information on adverse events reported and associated with each lot. So it was a foregone task to create a graph showing how batch toxicity varied over time and place over the course of 2021. The diagrams show when toxic batches were used and how toxic they were. You can also see who used them and how the participating pharmaceutical companies seem to have acted in concert to avoid interfering with each other’s time window. Finally, one can also see the purpose of these distributions, for example to test the effects of different dosages (damage types and deaths), etc.
Pfizer’s former head of research, Mike Yeadon, argues that given the stringent consistency requirements in an approved product, it is absolutely impossible for this to be a coincidence. On the contrary, there is clear evidence of planned misconduct.
There are, for example, some batches of the Pfizer vaccine that reveal a systematic approach such as that used in dosing studies. Among each of the lethal lots were irrelevant lots.
What is alarming is that all three companies are conducting similar studies with significantly increased toxicity. Apparently they do it in such a way that they do not get in the way of each other and distribute their toxic experiments in such a way that it is almost never noticed at first glance.
Dose detection studies now seen in the United States usually need to be completed well in advance of Phase III registration studies. They should be done with a very limited number of well-informed volunteers as phase II studies.
However, we now have official evidence through VAERS of numerous post-approval mass study facilities, planned in government-imposed and funded mass vaccinations with completely new products from Biontech, Janssen, and Moderna.
The invention of the telescopic process comes as a gimmick at the expense of safety. However, this trick becomes a crime when millions of unsuspecting people have to risk their lives in the process.
Craig Paardekooper, one of the researchers, has put a database on the internet, but it’s hard to find on Google. At https://www.howbadismybatch.com/ you can now check for yourself which batches led to how many side effects or deaths.
For self-protection, anyone who wants to undergo the so-called corona vaccination, despite the now known great risk of damage, should ask their doctor or pharmacist, before the genetic treatment, what is the documented effect of the lots used. If doctors and pharmacists have to investigate at this point, there is a possibility that they will realize their responsibility as potentially responsible parties.


SOURCE https://www.wodarg.com/

Circumstantial evidence of large-scale genetic engineering experiments underway on the unsuspecting.

W. Wodarg: Some sources on the work I mentioned on non-random variations in the toxicity of Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen’s so-called “vaccines”. Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen’s “vaccines” can be found here by Craig Paardekooper:


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