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Reason: “they do not match the quality level”. A look at the platform of the Swisscovery library shows that measures critical books generally have difficulties in Switzerland.

The books are well known in critical action circles in the German-speaking countries. We are talking about “Corona Unmasked” (we reported), the second book by Sucharit Bhakdi and Karina Reiss on Corona, which Goldegg Verlag published in 2021, as well as Flo Osrainik’s “Corona Dossier”, published in 2020 by Rubikon Verlag.

The authors of the books managed to land on Spiegel’s bestseller list. However, they seem to have difficulties in individual Swiss libraries. If the Covid-19 pandemic is defined as “fake”, “gigantic fraud maneuver” or “fascism”, “then I don’t want it with us”. This is Roman Weibel’s attitude. The Uster city librarian recently removed both books from the assortment, like this one NZZ on Sunday reported. Weibel went on to explain that the books “don’t match the quality level” of the library.

One wonders: Have libraries now also assumed the role of censorship authorities? Fortunately, it could almost be said that not everyone has libraries

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