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The Left is celebrating Alex Jones’ wife getting arrested over Christmas weekend despite not having all the facts on the matter.

Liberals on Twitter have been falsely claiming Jones was “beat up” by his wife during a domestic dispute on Christmas Eve despite the fact the police report has not yet been released.

Take a look at some of the vile tweets celebrating what they perceive to be domestic violence against Alex Jones:

Jones had told the Associated Press over the weekend that the incident stemmed from a medication imbalance.

“It’s a private family matter that happened on Christmas Eve,” Jones had said in brief interview over the weekend. “I love my wife and care about her and it appears to be some kind of medication imbalance.”

Jones has decided to impart more facts about the case to blunt the left’s fake news projection and editing of reality.

In fact, Jones’ wife underwent surgery a week before, resulting in a mixing of medications that led up to her behavioral episode requiring law enforcement intervention.

But don’t expect the left to report this in good faith.

By contrast, Jones notably stayed silent after actor Alec Baldwin shot his colleague on set, choosing to wait until more facts on the matter were released.

This just highlights how the “tolerant” and “loving” left celebrates family violence for political purposes, and the dangers of Big Pharma products.


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