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A leading Israeli immunologist has addressed the country’s health ministry in a candid message: It’s time to say what a growing number of experts already know – complete eradication of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen through mass vaccination is in Israel failed. “Now that one booster shot after another is planned, how else should we continue with an ever-changing pathogen,” says Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology at Tel Aviv University.

TrialSite has translated the original Hebrew media post, which also emphasizes that Professor Qimron testified back in August 2020 that “history will judge the hysteria.”
Let the truth set you free…for emergency damage control

The top immunologist explains that while the truth can be kept from the public for a while, he suggests that the tide of real data is unstoppable and that eventually knowledge based on cracks in the dam of information suppression does significant damage wreak havoc and turn society upside down if leadership is not prepared with contingency planning.

He says…like TSN did

For a number of years, Prof. Qimron has put on record that a rapidly mutating respiratory virus cannot be eradicated with a vaccine, no matter how sexy the “mRNA” sounds….TrialSite has also consistently reported that coronaviruses cannot be eradicated simply by employing new technologies can be eradicated, let alone by anything else.

Why forget your education and experience?

The Israeli immunologist accuses the health ministry of the eastern Mediterranean country of mocking science as we know it and throwing years of observations and findings overboard. What about natural immunity? What about their own contingency plans in case of an emergency?

snake oil or…

Instead, according to this critical rejoinder, the Israeli Ministry of Health focused on promoting false hope and propaganda, aka good old-fashioned snake oil – “have I got a tonic for you,” said the drug dealers, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Destruction of trust in medicine and public health

The Israeli scientist laments what will happen to public confidence in public health, science and medicine when it is revealed that a coalition of medical institutions, industry, government and the media has conspired to suppress science.

detractors from peers

What about critical colleagues who were at least looking for alternatives? I recall the “Barrington Declaration”, in which over 60,000 scientists and medical professionals sought alternative, more reasonable and scientifically based countermeasures to the existing causes of the pandemic.

Agents from the US NIH to the Israeli Minister of Health tried to destroy her account and “bring her down.”

What is your true agenda?

How about a “greed for power, budgets and control”.

Research Director/Investigator

Ehud Qimron, Ph.D., BSc, Clinical Microbiology and Immunology


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