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Joe Rogan has accused CNN of doctoring a video of himself from last year in which the podcast giant announced that he had COVID.

Rogan posted a side by side comparison of the original video where he stated that he had ‘thrown the kitchen sink’ at the virus by taking Ivermectin and having monoclonal antibody treatment.

The CNN footage has a completely different hue, and it makes Rogan look more sickly.

He posted the video with the caption “Yellow Journalism” and “#fakenews.”

Rogan picked up on the footage after several others, including Infowars, pointed out the discrepancy at the time.

Back in September, after the CNN broadcast happened, the now infamous AP fact-checkers declared there was no evidence of color manipulation without giving another explanation for why the footage looks different.

The AP noted “The image was not altered using Photoshop or any filter,” CNN said in a statement emailed to the AP. “The raw upload was ingested using the direct link to Joe Rogan’s Instagram video, which was then cut for TV.”


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