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Joe Rogan, who has the largest listening audience in the world, has described Kamala Harris’ comparison of the Capitol incident on January 6th 2021 to the 9/11 and Pearl Harbor attacks as “insane”.

Harris, along with scores of other Democrats made the comparison on the anniversary of the events that unfolded at the ‘stop the steal’ march.

Speaking with guest Adam Curry, Rogan said  “This is complete insanity,” adding “Look, Jan 6 was embarrassing, it was pathetic, it was confusing to me. ‘Cause there are parts of it that confused me—the parts where you have these clear agent provocateurs in the audience calling for people to go into the Capitol.”

“There’s video of cops opening up barriers,” Rogan continued, asking “What is that? Why did they do that? Has there ever been an explanation of that?”


Rogan joins others such as former green beret and gold star husband Joe Kent who slammed the “deeply offensive” comparisons of January 6th to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, noting  that it “allows people to compare Trump supporters to Nazi’s, to actual members of Al-Qaeda. And with that imagery comes the justification to turn the tools of the state against them.”

“These are very deliberate words. We’ve seen this playbook befor,” Kent went on, adding “They are echoes to the lead up to the Iraq War. That they have some intelligence that there’s something they can’t tell us but we have to trust them, therefore we have to give them the authority to send us into a war, a new war, but that war is here. And that war is against the deplorables, Trump supporters, whatever you want to call it. And that war has allowed them to deprive our citizens of their constitutional rights.”

The veteran continued, “Those that are still sitting in a gulag in Washington, DC deprived of their rights and then even other Americans who dissent from the current regime’s narrative. Just look no further then what they did to the parents who had the audacities to show up to school board meetings. They had the FBI’s counterterrorism centers turned against them.”



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