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Biden to Americans concerned about their future: Look! Puppies and Christmas!

Joe Biden on Monday showed off his new puppy German Shepherd, “Commander” to distract from his collapsing presidency.

Biden’s poll numbers are cratering, inflation is at a near 40-year high, gas prices are soaring and a supply chain crisis has led to empty shelves across the country.

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Idiot Biden donned a mask while he was outside playing with the puppy.


Joe Biden’s German Shepherd “Champ” died at 13 years old in June.

Biden’s other German Shepherd “Major” has biting problem and the White House has covered it up.

Emails released by Judicial Watch over the summer show that Major bit Secret Service agents on 8 different days in March before he was sent back to Biden’s Delaware compound.

Some bites were so severe that the agents needed medical attention.


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