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Impressionable children who are still learning how to tie their shows and read and write their names, only know what they are taught. But the radical left expects us to accept that young children are naturally upset and even suicidal over being born in the wrong body.

A man who uses the TikTok handle @fingersmalloy_backup posted a video with his son encouraging the young boy to explain that he is “genderfluid,” “pangender” and a different gender every day or week.

“Well, I am going to go ahead and help you out to answer some questions because I guess you guys want to know,’” the man says, introducing his son Mo.

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Moe appears to be as young as 6 years old and is seen wearing a choker and nail polish.

“Mo, go ahead and answer the question,” @fingersmally_backup insists. “Are you a boy or are you a girl?”

“I am neither actually,” Mo replies.

“What? Get out of town. What’s that mean?” his father asks.

“That means I am gender fluid,” Mo notes.

“Gender fluid. So, what do you like to be called if you’re gender fluid?” the boy’s father presses.

The young boy hesitantly replies, “Um, I prefer ‘they,’ ‘them’ so it’s not just, like, having a new pronoun every day making it sort of difficult.”

“Alright, they, them,” the father continues. “I got to be honest, what’s this ‘gender fluid’ mean?”

“Um, instead of being one solid gender, my gender changes each day, week — it all depends. So, one day I can be a boy, the next day I can be a girl, agender, pangender, and so forth,” Mo explains.

The boy’s father continues to badger the boy about defining his gender. “Oh, alright, alright. But you know, the people really want to know,” he said. “You were clearly born either a boy or a girl. You’ve ‘got to be one or the other,’ right? I mean, it’s what they say. What are you? What is it? Answer.”

“Well, I personally think it’s none of your business and you don’t need to know what’s in my pants,” the boy sneers.

“Ah, you know what, I agree. It’s not really any of your f*cking business!” fingersmalloy chides.

Since when did child abuse become legal in the United States?

Reporting facts about Covid-19 is virtually outlawed by Big Tech. But it’s perfectly “healthy” and “normal” to post videos showcasing child abuse.


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