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Having reached the climax of this incredible Third World War, which has been raging for years now and which has now reached its climax, but also its next epilogue, it is time to think about what victory will be like.

As the New Year approaches, we must imagine a world where love, hope, ambition, charity, friendship and all those good things dominate public, financial and social discourse.

Once we are liberated, we will also be able to decide for ourselves what kind of world we want today, and for years to come.

There is no doubt that we are about to enter an era of exponential expansion towards an unprecedented revelation, and in every respect.

One of the greatest gifts we have received in these two years is the awareness by most of the people in the world that Humanity has been hijacked by a financial elite with satanic drifts, in the full meaning of its term.

The so-called leaders of most Western countries have been lying, committing murders, bribing, infiltrating and using brainwashing techniques to manipulate the masses through fear in order to permanently enslave the majority of humanity.

Their narrative towards the public today is becoming more and more jarring and alarming.

For example, on the scenarios of imminent wars in Russia, China, or the fearsome Omicron variant that will kill us all, etc.

What we must realize, however, is that the increasingly negative invective launched by the regime media is a sign of pure panic and fear among the globalist elite, because they know very well that 2022 will be the Year of Redemption. !!

To redeem in its deepest meaning means to redeem, to free but in financial use also to pay a debt or a liability, to pay off a debt!

And it is precisely the term “Redemption” that has been chosen by the International Alliance that has been fighting for years with the financial elites of Davos, as the anti-chamber of the greatest economic and financial transformation of all time.

The greatest opportunity for social justice and not only from an economic point of view. The possibility of finally regaining our sovereignty free from the noose of debt and the financial abuse that we have suffered up to now.

For years now there have been tens of thousands of people including military, law firms, brokers, “Seller” and “Buyer” agents from every nation, including Italy, but mainly Americans, who are working behind the scenes because this epochal change of paradigm can be implemented globally.

The Global Economic Security and Reformation Act will be the greatest opportunity for the free world to pay off any debt and finally disengage from the control of central banks and restore national sovereignty in every nation in the face of the collapse of the system of the now bankrupt corporations.

The Quantum Financial System will be the technical tool to implement this new system. The new dollar in America, linked to gold and other assets (USN) will replace the Fiat dollar which will cease to exist when this system is implemented and the same thing will happen for other world currencies.

In this year we have lost many fighters and we have seen the betrayal of the usual sloths passed by interest on the side of the enemy.

For our part, we have built a free information platform that has grown so much that even the well-known international fact-checking institute, News Guard, which recently ranked us third in the list of the 350 most influential Italian counter-information sites .

Precisely for this reason I take this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers and to the authors of Database Italia who have decided to take this path together with all of us towards a future finally free from the squalid propaganda of the regime and against the Censorship.

While we are therefore leaving an extremely discordant 2021 towards a new year that could have some immediate blows but above all an incredible potential for beauty, I think it is right to revisit a recent speech given by the 14-year-old composer Alma Deutscher after receiving the European Award. of Culture at the Vienna State Opera.

At the event on October 20, Alma said:

“Until now I have always composed melodies and harmonies as they flow from my heart. But I have often been told: “As a modern composer, you will soon have to forget your melodies and focus on the dissonance, as befits our modern age”. But perhaps this award today means that a more tolerant age is about to dawn, in which melody and beauty will once again be allowed.

Many good wishes to all of you, from the entire editorial staff of Database Italia!


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