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New restrictions in shopping centers and schools come into effect.

Israel on Monday imposed a series of new restrictions on shopping and school children in areas with high infection rates and expanded the “green pass system,” which excludes unvaccinated people from some locations.

The Knesset’s Constitutional, Legal and Justice Committee approved the new restrictions put in place by the government’s Coronavirus Committee for nine days, starting at midnight between Sunday and Monday.

The new regulations restrict access to some public spaces to vaccinated or recovered children (through the Green Passport system) and end classroom teaching for school children in areas with high COVID infection rates when less than 70% of the children in a class are vaccinated.

Shopping centers such as B. Shopping centers, are now subject to the restrictions of the “Purple Pass” system, which limits the number of people who can stay there to one person per 15 square meters of space.

Large stores that are more than 100 square feet and are not classified as essential must use the Green Pass system, which denies access to unvaccinated individuals and those with no evidence of recovery or recent negative tests.

The “essential” stores exempt from the Green Pass system include stores selling personal care products, stores primarily selling glasses and contact lenses, pharmacies or stores selling medical equipment, supermarkets, convenience stores and grocery stores.

The consumption of food and drinks in shopping malls is no longer permitted, and the consumption of take-away food and drinks is only permitted for people with a Green Pass.

Although the restrictions went into effect between Sunday and Monday at midnight, police won’t start enforcing the new restrictions with fines until Tuesday.

Hundreds of officials, including undercover agents, will be on duty in shopping malls across the country as of Tuesday, along with around 1,500 city and town inspectors.


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