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A rehearsal for the civil war? US Army conducts two-week “guerrilla warfare” exercise in North Carolina to train special forces to overthrow an “illegitimate government,” just weeks after the Justice Department announced a new “domestic terrorism” unit

-Special Forces candidates take part in the two-week Robin Sage exercise, where they are tasked with overthrowing an illegitimate government

-Robin Sage places the soldiers in a “politically unstable” fictional country where “unconventional guerrilla warfare” is being waged to defeat a “numerically superior enemy”.

-During the exercise, which serves as the final exam for the special forces, the soldiers compete against experienced military and specially trained civilians.

-However, several citizens are concerned that the exercise encourages soldiers to attack civilians

-The news of the exercise comes at a tense time in the US, just five days after the country celebrated the first anniversary of the Capitol Uprising

-The exercise also follows the Justice Department’s creation of a new “domestic terrorism” unit as the nation faces an increased threat from “domestic” violent extremists.

Young soldiers will face off against “seasoned freedom fighters” in a two-week “guerrilla warfare exercise” in two dozen North Carolina counties, trying to overthrow an “illegitimate government.”

News of the drill comes just days after the anniversary of the Capitol riots, and at a time when the Justice Department is announcing the creation of a new “domestic terrorism” unit to address what officials said was “the increased threat from domestic violent extremists.” ” to meet.(How Biden’s backers wanted to pretend to recruit a retired US general for a coup d’état)

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Some questioned the close timing of events, while others expressed concern that the Biden administration was preparing for an “American insurgency.”

Biden’s military war games are fighting and killing American “freedom fighters” in guerrilla warfare,” one Twitter user wrote in response to news of guerrilla warfare training on US soil.

Another Twitter user even questioned whether the government was trying to “train troops to the idea of ​​killing fellow Americans.”

However, the guerrilla training exercise known as Robin Sage has been taking place every few months since the 1970s.

During Robin Sage training, young soldiers compete against experienced soldiers from units across Fort Bragg, who pose as opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters, as well as “specially trained” guerrilla civilians.

Some social media users are concerned about the drill because the 143-year-old Posse Comitatus Act barred federal troops from engaging in civilian law enforcement unless specifically permitted by law. The law describes military interference in civilian affairs as a threat to democracy and personal liberties.

Others have suggested the exercise is preparing soldiers to prevent an insurgency and fear American troops are being trained to fight their own people.

Exercise “Robin Sage,” which serves as the final exam of the Special Forces Qualification Course, begins January 22 at an undisclosed location on private property.

It transfers the soldiers to the “politically unstable” fictional country of Pineland and forces them to conduct reconnaissance, raids, ambushes and numerous other operations against a “numerically superior enemy”.

Special Forces candidates must meet and develop a relationship with a guerrilla force from a Third World country, train them and then work through, with and through that guerrilla force to conduct combat operations against a numerically superior enemy occupying force.” retired Special Forces officer Steve Balestrieri, who usually teaches the course, told Business Insider.

The US Army’s John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, which conducts the Robin Sage exercise, stated that in a “real world environment characterized by armed conflict,” the teams are faced with war crimes scenarios, e.g. B. when a partner force wants to execute a prisoner or destroy a village.

Soldiers are then tasked with negotiating these situations without violating the laws of war or losing the support of their allies.

The military personnel act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters, also known as the Pineland Resistance Movement,” the center told the Charlotte Observer.

To make the exercise even more realistic, civilian volunteers from across the state act as role-players. The participation of these volunteers is critical to the success of this exercise, and previous participants attest to the realism they bring to the exercise.

However, several citizens are concerned that the exercise encourages soldiers to shoot at civilians.

Whether it is a routine exercise or not, the fact that it seems plausible that our own military would train how to fight its own citizens is telling,” argued Scott M. in a comment to an article about the exercise.

Over the past year, we have heard our own supreme commander scoff at the ability of armed citizens to defend themselves against state tyranny. This ability is the basis of our constitution and he seems to think it’s a joke.

Apparently a drill for a civil war or a war at home, writes someone using the James Bond name. I hope it fails across the board.

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Sources: PublicDomain/dailymail.co.uk am 13.01.2022

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