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Dear readers,

Since our website is still heavily censored by Google, Facebook & Co., we have to improve our earnings situation so that our economic survival is secured in the long term.

We would like to use the current book income and your investments to implement new, exciting book projects so that we can inform and wake up more people.

The printed books are a second stable pillar, which is almost free of censorship. The success of the previous books “The Hollywood Code: Cult, Satanism, and Symbolism: How Movies and Stars Manipulate Humanity“Now in the 3rd edition,”The music code: frequencies, agendas and secret services: Between consciousness and sex, drugs & mind control“In the 2nd edition and”DUMBs: Secret bunkers, underground cities and experiments: What the elites are hiding“Soon in the 2nd edition shows that the reach of our website and awareness is conducive to the success of further book projects.

We are currently working on new book projects, the 2nd part of the music code is almost finished, the editor has marked all corrections and we are entering the final phase so that the book can go to print in March 2022. 190 pages have already been written for the Hollywood Code 2.0, i.e. the first third, the work should be completed in summer 2022.

Further projects in 2022 and 2023 are two follow-up books to “The secret pact of the Freemasons, Khazars and Jesuits: We stay connected by our blood. Death to whoever speaks about it!“By AW von Staufen and MJ Lützeler von Roden, as well as a second part of” DUMBs “from a different perspective, as well as a follow-up book to”Illuminatenblut“With more pigs in the self-proclaimed elite and their satanic rituals.

In order to be able to implement precisely these new book projects, we are looking for solvent investors who participate in the form of an investment that is paid back with a lucrative commission.

A classic win situation. You invest and receive a secure commission. With the books sold we in turn generate profits to reinvest for you and both sides have a large part in uncovering more of the truth and waking people up.

There are two packages how you can get involved as an investor:

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Model 1: You invest EUR 5,000 in January 2022.

From February 2023 you will receive EUR 500 transferred back monthly in 12 monthly installments, so that in January 2024 you will receive the final EUR 500 and thus have EUR 6,000 back in your account. EUR 1,000 profit for you. This is a 20 percent commission.

Model 1: You invest EUR 10,000 in January 2022.

From February 2023 you will receive EUR 1,000 transferred back in 12 monthly installments each month, so that in January 2024 you will receive the final EUR 1,000 and thus have EUR 12,000 back in your account. EUR 2,000 profit for you. This is a 20 percent commission.

This return protects your equity against the threatening inflation and you are an investor in a publishing house that wakes up numerous people and makes them happy with new ideas.

All investors involved are given a special thank you at the end of each financed book, be it with real names, initials or a pseudonym, as desired.

Be part of the alternative media and publishers.

Write us an email info@pravda-tv.com

We look forward to you! The family says THANK YOU!

If you want to support us in times of censorship, you can send us a donation via PayPal (info@pravda-tv.com) or make a bank transfer:

CZ38 2010 0000 0027 0178 9875 / Fio banka / Nikolas Pravda

If you want to support our work, you can donate bitcoins to us:


Or you can purchase one of our books.

Sources: PublicDomain on January 7th, 2022

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