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The intensive care nurse Sam speaks up because he has “had enough of this nonsense”. He observes that more and more young people get serious health problems after taking a corona injection.

Sam says that many young people are admitted after having had a stroke or heart attack. He adds that doctors are reluctant to accept that the problems are related to the vaccine.

A woman came in who had taken the Moderna syringe the day before. She had had a heart attack. The vaccine was not mentioned “because it cannot be proven”.

Although more and more people are being admitted with myocarditis, a side effect of the corona vaccine, “everyone is trying to downplay this,” Sam says.

Critical care nurse Dana says the number of critically ill patients at her Ventura County hospital is “overwhelming.” “It has never been so busy and that has nothing to do with Corona,” says Dana. She says that mainly people who have had a stroke, a cerebral hemorrhage or a heart attack are admitted.

“We usually have six to ten aortic dissections a year. We already had six last month. This is insane, ”said Dana. Doctors believe it has to do with the holidays. The nurse in the intensive care unit disagrees: “The vaccine is the culprit”.

She also says that most of the patients admitted with corona have already been vaccinated. There is a severe shortage of staff in hospitals in California. New nurses are hired and they make a lot of mistakes. Medical errors. In addition, there is not enough space for all patients.

Sam says the Covid vaccination is “not really a vaccine”. “It’s experimental.” And the side effects? These are not reported. “Nobody talks about her,” says the nurse in the intensive care unit.


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