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According to a report by WCAX, Vermont emergency rooms are being flooded with COVID patients with few or no symptoms. One hospital affected is the Rutland Regional Medical Center (RRMC), which is overloaded with asymptomatic patients. The Vermont Hospital Association reports similar cases in other parts of the state.

The medical director of the RRMC, Dr. Rick Hildebrant said the patients tested positive with rapid tests and then drove to the emergency room to have PCR tests. (If you haven’t read it yet: Repeat after me: “The PCR tests don’t work!” The pandemic is only as real as the test, and the test is a game of dice)

Hildebrant says those who are asymptomatic and get a positive antigen test should not go to a hospital and should instead see their GP. He urged Vermonter residents to only go to an emergency room if their symptoms are severe. “It’s not so much the beds that are the precious resource, it is the staff at this time. So we need some of our clinical staff to take care of these people, and that cannot take care of the people in the emergency room, ”explained Hildebrant.

Vermont has seen the number of COVID cases skyrocketing despite the country having the highest vaccination rate by population. According to the Mayo Clinic, 76.8% of Vermont residents are considered “fully vaccinated,” meaning they have received at least two doses of a two-dose mRNA vaccine.

However, since Thanksgiving, the number of cases in this state has skyrocketed, peaking on December 5 with 694 new cases. Although case numbers have decreased since that date, they are still higher than in October.

Experts believe that the current increase in visits to the emergency room is due to the fear of the omicron variant. Despite widespread reports of increased transmissibility, Omikron has also seen milder symptoms compared to previous variants.

Massachusetts researchers recently found that the omicron variant shares several genetic similarities with the virus that causes the common cold.


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