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That is the reality in the federal states of Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. At the same time, politicians and the media are fueling the fear of overload. – From Sören Nyländer

The development of the number of Covid-19 patients shows that the number of patients is falling significantly. Just as the Covid-19 «cases» have been falling again since the 47th calendar week, the number of Covid-19 intensive care patients is already falling again. The fourth “wave” reached its peak even before more stringent measures were introduced.

It was like this with the «third wave»: Back then, too, the so-called “Federal Emergency Brake” was decided after the Easter break on April 22, 2021. As far as the occupancy of the hospitals is concerned, the initial situation was also clear at the time: the high point of the “third wave” was reached before Easter. And what has happened since then? From August 4, 2020 until today, 10,063 or 25 percent of all intensive care beds have been shut down. Nevertheless, there were still 11,023 free beds available on December 19, 2021; that’s around 37 percent of all available. 4621 of the current 19,112 intensive care beds are occupied by Covid patients, i.e. around a quarter.


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