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In the Rubikon Exclusive Talk, the publicists Norbert Häring, Ullrich Mies and Hermann Ploppa discuss global governance with Walter van Rossum.

Global governance means “governing without government”. Who has not yet had the uncanny feeling that global forces are behind the global pandemic? The same reactions worldwide to an unknown virus. Measures that certainly only have one effect: the global disruption of economic, political, social and psychological conditions. Walter van Rossum, co-author of the recently published Spiegel bestseller “Die Intensiv-Mafia”, spoke about this in the new edition of his video format “The Great WeSet” with Norbert Häring, Ullrich Mies and Hermann Ploppa.

It is part of the essence of global governance that the actors remain in the shadows. But the “World Economic Forum” (WEF) has left little doubt that it wants to use “the moment” to steer things in a certain direction.

The “fourth industrial revolution” is proclaimed: a kind of technocratic eco-paradise, totally digitized and fully monitored, which claims to heal the current ailments and fractures in the world. How can something like this happen? How far are we on this path? That’s what this conversation is about.


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