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This will blow your mind, I promise. I’m pretty sure the myocarditis rate is way higher than the CDC is telling people. I think the rate is ~ 100x higher than they claim. What do you think?

According to this Reuters Fact Check, which was published a few days ago, said Dr. June Raine, UK Director of Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), stated that myocarditis and pericarditis remain a “very rare potential risk” with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Serious?!? A rare potential risk, eh? Are you kidding me?!?

Just because she said that doesn’t mean it’s true.

I’ve long been on record that the rate of myocarditis in teenage boys is about 1 in 317. That was a conservative estimate as it used a VAERS Underreporting Factor (URF) of 41, which is only reserved for the most serious events.

Since the CDC calls this “mild” (although every cardiologist I have asked says there is no such thing as “mild” myocarditis), we would expect a URF of maybe 80 or more since no one has died and most had a brief hospital stay.

In short, a “more realistic” estimate is 1 in 150.

I didn’t want to use that in my original slide because 1 in 317 was way off the CDC estimate of 1 in 13,000 that they called “rare.” If I were more specific, my work would be more likely to be ignored than ridiculously high. That’s why I chose a very conservative URF = 41. Here is the slide I’ve been using to this day:

I finally heard some data from a private school to confirm my assessment

Today I learned from the parents of a child attending Monte Vista Christian School that three children were diagnosed with myocarditis after vaccination. The school has 855 children. In the fall, the parents learned that 3 students had myocarditis.

Let’s do a little math.

The ratio between male and female myocarditis diseases is around 10: 1, so it is very likely that they are boys. About half of the students are boys. There has never been a vaccination mandate at the school. So I would cautiously estimate that 2/3 of the children could have been vaccinated by then. So 855/2 * 2/3 = 285 vaccinated boys.

The myocarditis rate at school is, according to my estimate, 3/285, i.e. 1 in 95 boys.

Overall, this makes sense to me; it’s not far from my 1 in 150 estimate.
1 in 95 boys with myocarditis is a wreck.

1 in 95 boys with myocarditis (which is never “mild”) should result in an immediate stop to vaccinations and an investigation into how the CDC missed such a large safety signal.

But I also know what’s going to happen next.

The CDC will ignore this and dismiss it as an unconfirmed anecdote.

The CDC will ignore this and dismiss it as an unconfirmed anecdote.

  • The “fact checkers” will call the school and the school spokesperson will simply say they cannot comment. Otherwise the school would come under fire or the staff would lose their jobs.
  • I can almost guarantee that any “fact checker” will never go beyond calling the school, taking them at their word, and then classifying the article as “blatantly wrong”.
  • That’s how the system works. It is important to keep information under lock and key. And of course no one is allowed to look at the medical records outside of school, as this is a violation of the HPPA.

So no one will know for sure if I was telling the truth. Many of the parents will of course know that it is me. But they won’t comment. I hope they do, but I doubt it. Nobody wants to have their head chopped off.

The source who gave me this information is not going to go public or provide incontestable evidence because it would get someone into trouble. I was asked to see to it that all details were masked so that no one but the school could be identified.

Nikki Daniels, the MVC’s acting headmistress, did not respond to an email asking her to confirm the information I received. I can’t say I’m surprised.

This is completely understandable in today’s cluttered intimidation environment, where relationships can be permanently damaged when people speak their minds.

But there will be people who experience exactly the same thing in their schools. And they too will be afraid to speak up. But at least they will know that they are not alone. That’s why I wrote this article in the hope that it would motivate someone who isn’t intimidated to speak up.

So this is going to be a statistic that we all know and share, but that we can’t talk about because we don’t want to get anyone into trouble.

Our children will die unnecessarily because people are afraid to speak up.

It is really unfortunate that people are afraid to tell the truth. But that’s the society we live in today. This is America where we put relationships above life. Thats really sad.

No cherry-picking data

My statistics are not cherry-picking. This is the first school myocarditis rate statistic that I have ever been given. And even then, this was done on condition that everyone involved was anonymous. But my source is extremely credible.

Most schools will never say anything about their myocarditis statistics so no one will ever find out how dangerous the vaccines are.

Anyone who knows won’t say anything or their head will be chopped off.

Someone told someone else because they thought it wouldn’t go on. This cycle repeated itself until it reached me. This is why I have so few data points to rely on.

So I’m not picking the raisins. I only had one cherry to choose from.

More confirmation

Here is another statistic I got from a doctor in Canada. He doesn’t have many young patients. He has elderly patients. He has been in the practice for 29 years and has 1,200 patients.

The amazing thing is this:

In 29 years he has never seen a case of pericarditis. He saw 4 cases this year. So that’s a rate of 1 in 300 in the elderly.

Strange isn’t it?

Just like the many athletes who fell over on the sports field this year after the vaccines were introduced.

Here are the details:

  • All over 20 years old
  • 3 male (oldest 57)
  • 1 woman (she is 33 years old, the worst case, was hospitalized and had to see a cardiologist several times) He did not find out more cases until June 2021 (i.e. after the introduction of the vaccine).
  • All cases occurred between 1 and 2 weeks after vaccination and all complained of chest pain.
  • No cases have been reported in non-vaccinated individuals.

The authorities will assure you that this is just a coincidence and should be ignored. Uff. That’s a relief. What a great, believable explanation that has no evidence.

Next, they’re going to try to find out who discovered this and get her licensed out. Therefore, she cannot reveal her identity.

I am glad that I am in such good hands and that there are no intimidation techniques used to silence doctors. I am sure you feel the same way. These medical associations are so responsible. And the best part is that they are self-regulating. Do you have a complaint? You will take care of it. This is called “no accountability”.

Another anecdote

Out of my Healthcare Provider Sub-Stack:

I am a Canadian nurse (I’ll keep this name for a few more days) who lost my job because of the vaccine mandate. I got hired for 2 months unpaid and decided to retire (in my 60s) in order to have at least some income. It was probably 6-7 months before I wanted to leave. My union is fighting the mandate and there may be little hope that the various lawsuits will pay me off in a year or two. I don’t have any confirmations, but I’ve seen some dialysis patients die whose D-dimers were higher than ever in my career (10-20 times higher), and they also had strokes and cardiac symptoms. Nobody has ever questioned that. I was the only person in my unit who refused the syringe. After my only flu shot, I had problems (even requiring brain surgery) and I have severe (anaphylactic) allergies. I received my first pension payment on December 1st (after applying for it in early November!). All of my employer’s unvaccinated employees were fired on December 2nd (all of them had been on unpaid leave since mid-September). The Canadian federal government changed the rules in October so that anyone who lost their job because of a missing vaccine could not receive unemployment benefits. You (our federal agencies) are very controlling and very petty.

And one more thing: The CDC is also lying to us when it comes to the frequency of vaccination-induced myocarditis compared to COVID-induced myocarditis.

Not only that the CDC was probably wrong by a factor of 100, but this video, recorded by UCSF professor Vinay Prasad, shows that myocarditis rates from the vaccines are much higher than those from COVID, especially with Moderna.

Ouch! Here, too, the CDC screwed up. All members of the External Vaccine Review Committee (ACIP) relied on a misrepresentation by the CDC.

Do not worry, be Happy. The CDC says we should shut up and get vaccinated.

OK, you were 100 times wrong about the rate of myocarditis in teenagers. Nobody cares.

And they were wrong about the safety of the vaccines. The vaccines are much more deadly than COVID when it comes to heart muscle inflammation. Nobody will take up that either. The cognitive dissonance is too great to accept.

But hey, we live in a world where facts like these just don’t matter. The attitude is: “We don’t care how many children we kill, just shut up and get vaccinated.”

Other independent data confirms the COVID vaccines are a cardiovascular disaster of epic proportions

There is much more data to suggest that the vaccines are extremely dangerous from a cardiac standpoint. Here are three of them.

The VAERS statistics for these vaccines are above average for cardiac events, some are nearly 10,000 times higher than normal, but the CDC finds no signal. If you are looking for objective evidence of corruption you cannot beat this.

Cardiac arrest in a 3 year old just one day after vaccination is the new normal

Health workers are so mad that they step out of line and speak out because the number of heart attacks, blood clots and strokes is “overwhelming”.


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