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And I’m going to tell you three things that you shouldn’t forget at this critical time.

First, once the government has gained power, it never voluntarily relinquishes it.

The second thing we need to know is that any power the government acquires, under the pretext of this pandemic, will ultimately abuse it to the maximum possible effect. And that’s just a rule as safe as gravity. And that’s just a rule as safe as gravity.

The third thing you need to know is that no one has ever ended totalitarianism by following instructions. Every time you give in, the demands get bigger and bigger. We need to find a solution here and now. This is the hill we must die on. They are after our jobs. They’re after the traffic.

Now they are after our children, and it is our duty as parents to protect them.

There has never been a government in history that has told its people. We will ask children to sacrifice themselves and take risks to save old people. With the elderly, the adults, it is always the other way around. The adults put themselves at risk in order to protect their children. It’s an ethical question. It’s a moral question. It’s a matter of character for each of us. And it is a question of maintaining democracy and public health. We must all stand up now and do all we can to prevent these power games by authoritarian powers that are trying to steal the health of our children from us.


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