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A pickaxe-yielding woman in broad daylight casually walked into an LA-based Rite Aid, stole merchandise and then threatened store employees and customers with her large weapon, video footage shows.

The footage captured the moment the as-yet-unidentified woman dragged a basket full of merchandise across the floor of the business toward the door.

She seems to be headed for the door, with basket and pickaxe in hand, before stopping by the counter and telling an employee she’ll come back.

“I’m not f*****g around,” she says as an employee tries to ask her to stop as she makes a grab for beauty products.”

“I don’t want to smell like sh** when I’m knocking these b****** out,” she added.

“Before leaving, she tells everyone at the store, ‘Don’t say sh*t, Shut the f*** up. Be quiet and follow suit.'”

Police said no was injured during the incident and that they are still searching for the pickaxe-wielding suspect.

Watch the video below:


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