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Our approach to COVID-related absences has evolved

Furniture retailer Ikea has announced that it plans to cut sick pay for all employees who are not vaccinated and must self-isolate if they test positive for COVID or come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID.

the Daily Mail reportsthat the Swedish company, which employs around 10,000 people in the UK alone, plans to cut sick pay for unvaccinated workers to the legal minimum of £ 93.35 a week.

That would mean a cut of more than three quarters of the company’s usual wages for employees.

“Unvaccinated employees without extenuating circumstances who have been identified as close contacts on a positive case will receive statutory sick pay,” an Ikea spokesman told reporters.

“We understand that this is an emotional issue and all circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis so anyone who has doubts or is concerned about their situation is encouraged to speak to their manager,” he added Speaker added.

The company announced that this measure will only apply to unvaccinated workers with a “high absenteeism rate”.

The company justifies this step with the recent staff shortage, as many employees had to be isolated.

“Following the introduction of the vaccine and changes in government isolation regulations, our approach to COVID-related absences has evolved from September 20, 2021 – an approach that has been developed together with our social partners and the national employee committee,” the company said further.

Ikea also recently offered paid vacation to its employees to get vaccinated.

As we already reported, Oncology professor Angus Dalgleish of St. George’s Hospital at the University of London has warned that the British are obsessed with having a COVID test and that it is “a national self-harm” as it leaves millions of them absent from work and isolate themselves even though they have no symptoms.

“Hospitals, transportation networks, our mail and rubbish collectors and hundreds of thousands of British companies are being paralyzed by the mania of testing people for infections they may not have symptoms for,” said Dalgleish.

The professor notes that the omicron variant is very mild, but very “rampant” and the isolation does little to combat the spread, and describes self-imposed closures as “madness”.


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