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On December 1, 2020, Georgia election agents Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss sued The Gateway Pundit, founder Jim Hoft and contributing editor Joe Hoft for allegedly waging a “lying campaign” against the two women who led to personal harassment of them.

The organization behind the cause is called Protect democracy, a large far-left political organization.

The two women and their far-left financiers targeted The Gateway Pundit afterwards we were the first to identify women in the video of the late-night poll at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on November 3 and the morning of November 4.

Gateway Pundit was also the first to reveal that Ruby Freeman was filmed pushing stacks of ballot papers through voting machines numerous times late at night, after all election observers were sent home.

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AMAZING: Anti-Trump Democrat in Georgia ‘suitcase scandal’ caught running the same batch of ballot papers through the tabulator THREE TIMES! (VIDEO)

Anti-Trump officials in Georgia insisted this was normal procedure in Peach State. We disagree. We remain true to our accurate revelations.

Thursday Ruby and Shaye sued Rudy Giuliani and One America News Network. The two electoral operators claim to have been “vilified by false claims” of having committed electoral fraud in relation to the 2020 elections.

But were they?

There is absolutely no way to explain these actions.

If this behavior is accepted, it will be the end of our free, fair and trustworthy elections.

If this behavior becomes the norm in future elections, then we will be reduced to the status of a banana republic.

We have a choice to make: submit or stand up and talk.

So where are all the GOP lawmakers speaking out against the shady actions CAUGHT ON VIDEO from inside the State Farm Center on election night?

Does the GOP support it?

Do GOP lawmakers support this? Their silence is deafening.

Why does no one speak in defense of Rudy Giuliani, Chanel Rion or The Gateway Pundit?

Are Republicans Really That Weak?

If that’s the case, then it really is time to silence the Grand Old Party.

You cannot remain silent when the left is stealing and destroying our society, culture and lifestyle. You cannot be considered a viable opposition when you submit to lawless individuals. You can not.

What does the GOP represent today?


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