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by Sven Böttcher

Time is of the essence: In his fresh annual review (1) of the difficult 2021, Bill Gates, all of us “leader”, according to Ursula von der Leyen, goes far in pandemic and climate issues and makes no secret of where our path in 2022 will lead – and far beyond. What Bill says carries weight. Because let’s not forget: Bill’s crystal ball has worked breathtakingly well in the past; At the beginning of 2020 he alone saw that we would put everything on one card when it comes to “vaccination” (2); he saw in April 2020 that 7 billion people would be vaccinated; He (almost) alone foresaw the faster than light development of effective, completely side-effect-free gene therapies and the global monitoring of all viral events in 2021. In his most recent prophecy, he now turns out to be “one of us” in human terms and shows the way into the bright new future. And you don’t have to read anything into his remarks, because Bill continues to communicate his devastating plans in a disturbingly honest way. An analysis by Sven Böttcher, author of the Rubikon-Spiegel bestseller “Who, if not Bill?”.

Bill closes ranks with all of us directly: “2021 was an incredibly tough year for a lot of people, including me.” Well, one or the other of us may find this overreaching, after all, Bill is not because of his two-year lard cake stand insolvent, but maybe we are all just human beings and like to read that, this resonating “We are all sitting in a yacht”.

In any case, like us, Bill was also very worried, as he writes. Because of Melinda. And because the children have all moved out to study, and he is now all alone in his row house. And because all he could do so often was teleconferencing. Except for his constant trips by private jet to Glasgow and so on. But aviation fuel has also become more expensive, and that doesn’t leave you without a trace. Who does not know this, this grief, this 2021 shit. “Incredibly tough.” For Bill, for us. And yet, we can hope with him, “confident that 2022 will be better”.

Oh yes. How come? Well, mainly because the 2022 pandemic is over:

“But I am very hopeful that the end is finally in sight. It may be foolish to make another prediction, but I think the acute phase of the pandemic will end sometime in 2022. “

Thank God! However, there is one tiny restriction:

“In a few years, I hope, you will only really have to think about the virus for the general COVID and flu vaccination in autumn.”

“They” have to be read in lower case in “general”, because that obviously only applies to them, not to those, i.e. the others who do not want to join the general treatment, commonly known as compulsory vaccination. But well, for “them”, the subscribers, everything will be in the best of butter from 2022, double vaccination will be given once a year, more often if necessary, and without the logistical problems that will still exist in 2021:


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