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Many have repeatedly asked me why Trump did not think of stopping the Great Reset designs in the bud, and by force, and did not block mRNA vaccines outright, as he should have done with presidential fraud. of 2020, which also had suffered with damage to personal prestige, leaving all of us awakened in canvas pants in 2021.

It’s not easy to answer this question and make everyone understand me without annoyingly speaking too wise, nor appearing completely mad, but I try in the only way I consider possible. This article of mine is unconventional for a small pen on politics and finance, because this time my ‘ink’ will try to trace the impervious narrative tricks adopted by illustrious writers, invoking force in the power of the human imagination.

Giants such as Dante Alighieri, Giordano Bruno or in recent times Orwell and Huxley, have written about politics and philosophy, experiencing periods of strong contrasts and furious struggles, abstracting themselves from observable reality, and without the slightest pretense of comparing myself in height to the ankle of any of them , I resort to my imagination, a natural ‘booster’ that should be inoculated once and for all in any body dealing with arid political issues.

I will soon be 65 while I am at home in Bologna, and it is autumn, when I have just returned from a trip that lasted a few months across America, an experience that I had promised to give myself as a reward, before I died and was too old to fully enjoy it. While I am slouched on the sofa, I listlessly take a heavy text still wrapped by the film, and I see the label of the Treccani encyclopedia edition updated to 2030. I discard the ‘brick’ and discover that it is the volume relating to the letter M, so I am caught by a ‘friccico’ in the heart that pushes me to search for the word ‘Moti’. Among the many items I dwell on the one that interests me most and which corresponds to half page 998. And then I immerse myself in reading as if it were a profound dream, where, however, one is awake and lucid more than ever, but for a moment I have to contain my passion because under the heading ‘Moti No Vax’ I see a simple reference to the next page, 999, (see Resistant Moti), and then the friccico in the heart mounts even more. I turn the page as if I were putting my hand in the crack of the Mouth of Truth, and at the beginning I immediately find a very long explanation that is spelled out in front of me as if it were a Revelation of the Bible ..

The text reads as follows and I faithfully report here, while I disappear in the reading of a Whole that envelops with universal knowledge the little that at that moment, on my sofa, I feel in the awareness of being part of the Whole.

“The Moti Resistenti, or of the Italian resisters, were peaceful and non-violent popular rebellion movements, which occurred in Italy from 2021-2022, which had great echo and resonance all over the world. The riots were produced by variegated and disorganized groups of Italian citizens de-ideologized in the twentieth-century sense. The resisters were initially called derogatively “No Vax” for their conviction not to get vaccinated and not to have to obey the health measures imposed, on the basis of the sanitary pretext, by the Italian governments of the period.

The Resistant Motions were animated by the fanatic call for the affirmation of the Laws at the top of the Hierarchy of Sources of the republican order, and gradually they affirmed themselves with the unveiling of the plans of the globalist elites of the Great Reset, of the Green Economy, and of Transhumanism, whose failures were determined precisely by the advent of the MR The Resistants emerged in a shapeless manner according to the categories of traditional political thought on improvised lateral leadership guises, and affirmed themselves through the reference to the values ​​of the Resistance to Nazi-Fascism purified from the mystifying pollution operated by the Gramscian Hegemony , which had been enslaved, according to a philosophical meaning denounced by Pasolini, to the instances of a coarse anti-fascism of an equally fascist matrix and therefore devoid of virtue and humanistic vocation.

The MRs had their strong point in the peaceful (Gandhian) and respectful of the Laws on the philosophical example of Socrates, an element of their success that proved unsettling in the sense of surprising the forces instrumental to the Great Reset.

The Motions of 2022 were triggered by an inner rebirth of human beings that initially only affected a few million Italians dedicated to the discovery of clouded truths, but in the following years the phenomenon spread throughout Italy and the world, giving rise to the Great Awakening. The riots of the resisters were decisive for the defeat of the plans of the Great Reset programmed by the financial, religious, cultural and political elite that had established itself during the preceding 30 years of the Second Globalization (1990-2020 AD). This globalist elite was inspired by black esotericisms, following the example of the Black Guelphs in the Italian Middle Ages, and was made up of a group of stateless people who controlled the governance of the multinationals, a group called the ‘Davos Elite’. This group of selected stateless oligarchs had strengthened their control of the mechanism of creation of money through debt, and by resorting to the exercise of soft power based on a totalitarian media system poured into Democracies that have become apparent, they tried to establish a model of society with the prevaricating use of many technologies commonly in use today, in order to impose the restoration of a society on the aristocratic feudal model, pursuing the cyborg eugenics re-edition of the Servants of the Gleba (Transhumanism). The great Reset turned out to be unrealistic both for the disruptive uprisings of the Resistant Motions, and for the upheaval of the financial system of debt money, which was brought to surprise in that period by the embrace of the President of the United States of Donald J Trump.

The success of the MRs did not come with the use of violence as it had happened in 1848 by closing the Post-Napoleonic Restoration, and as the elite of Davos expected, mindful of scenarios of 100 years earlier, but through the massive recourse to peaceful civil disobedience , in search of the pronouncements of the healthy judiciary and the growing social pressure contextual to the failure of health policies, a phenomenon that exploded due to the ineluctable recognition of the unhealthy character of pharmaceutical products with Spyke and mRna proteins. The rulers alienated from the Davos elites tried to impose vaccines obtorto collo on the entire Italian population, with fabulous soft power, but they self-destructed in the unrealistic attempt that led to the affirmation of the theses previously perceived as wrong by the majority of the population.

Many members of Italian governments in the years 2012-2022, as well as executives and bureaucrats of apparatuses, were tried in assisi of domestic or international legal system, and some of them committed suicide in prison, a phenomenon that initially led to a slowdown in the trials. The humanistic inspiration of the Resistant Motions from 2025 led to the birth of the Arendt Movement, which opposed the more justicialist wing of the Respondents of 22, in a re-edition of the debate on the ‘banality of Evil’. Eichmann in 1961.

The uprisings arose spontaneously from the Italian people in ways not foreseen by the intelligence of Davos, and the phenomenon led to a global emulation that led the whole world to the necessary celebration of a series of processes referred to as the “Great Awakening”. These events revealed an international conspiracy of a stateless and plutocratic nature inspired by esotericisms of a Satanist matrix, aimed at slowing down the path of material and spiritual progress of human beings.

The great popular support for the Moti dei Resilient opposed the social archetype of resilient citizens and this promoted personal judicial actions against individuals who, acting as resilients, had applied clearly illegitimate executive measures or ordinances. The resilient ones were not persecuted by the resisters for their indolence, pusillanimity and the selfishness they witnessed, but they paid with their own patrimony and at the expense of their condition of personal physical well-being, a price consequent to their wrong choice. The personal participation in subversive practices in the constitutional sense put in place under the institutional aegis of the Conte and Draghi Governments, in the trials that were held was not recognized as a justifying nor mitigating crime, but even as an aggravating circumstance, in the postulate well recognizable throughout the first part of the Constitution and in the acts of the Constituent Assembly, that every citizen of the Republic has the duty to defend and affirm the constitutional provision, extending as an additional duty, precisely in cases of personalities acting on behalf of the State “.

Suddenly I stop reading and a moment of greater madness pervades me, remembering the words of Martin Luther King, and remembering me years ago, when I was younger and foolish in January 2022, because I wrote a political article based on a dream. and concluded with a further dream.

Martin Luther King in the 1960s had a dream: that his four young children would one day live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by what their person contained.

My dream today is that every human being on this Earth can one day live without being judged and oppressed not only for physical appearances, but also with the awareness of a spirit that the physical body cannot contain locked up, and in fact it cannot it will, forever.


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