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Rare sight: A comet could be seen in the early morning sky. Because the comet C / 2021 A1 Leonard reached its closest point on December 12th and then flew past us “only” 35 million kilometers away.

Whether Halley, Lovejoy or Neowise: Comets offer a fascinating celestial spectacle that our ancestors marveled at thousands of years ago. Again and again, such icy chunks from the outer edge of our solar system fly past near the earth and then become visible as “tail stars” in the sky.

While short-period comets need less than 200 years to orbit, long-period comets travel tens of thousands of years in distant space and are therefore usually only discovered when they approach us.

According to the astronons’ calculations, Comet Leonard comes from the outermost edges of our solar system: The point of its orbit furthest from the Sun is more than 3,500 astronomical units away – around 75 times further than Pluto. It takes the comet almost 80,000 years to make one orbit.

Its eccentric orbit is also strongly inclined towards the main plane of the solar system – it therefore speeds between the planets at a steep angle.

However, the current solar passage for C / 2021 A1 Leonard could also be the last: Astronomers suspect that the comet was thrown off course by solar gravity when it passed its point closest to the Sun on January 3, 2022.

It then changes into a hyperbolic orbit, which will eject it from our solar system at high speed – if it survives the passage. Because it could also be that the comet’s core is so destabilized by the sun’s heat that it breaks.

Many people, reading the space news occasionally, have noticed the officials’ strange interest in Venus, which happened before the New Year and lasted for several weeks. The main plot of the stories was the phases of Venus, observed like the moon.

Since Venus is a planet, there must also be phases, that is understandable and plausible. It is just incomprehensible that these phases could generally be observed with the naked eye, although 50 years ago these phases could hardly be seen through a school telescope.

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All of this led to a whole discussion. The idea has been voiced that Venus is closer now, that it is not Venus but Nibiru that is passed off as Venus, or something else.

However, according to the In2ThinAir channel, there were some very strange things going on around Venus on New Year’s Eve.

As can be seen from the video, which was compiled from official NASA images, something like the wheel of Ezekiel moved towards Earth during the passage of Comet Leonard on Venus, whereupon a kind of field shield is between the Comet of Leonard and the Earth formed, or between Earth and Venus.

In addition, it was precisely formed and did not come into being suddenly, as all stages of its growth can be traced in the pictures.

Neither the author of the channel nor the stunned viewers who saw the video know what it was. The version most often expressed is that this shield was erected by advanced aliens to protect the earth from a cloud of debris that flies with the comet.

Another version says that this shield and similar shields hang around the earth all the time, only the debris of the comet showed this shield.


But then what does this shield do in space? Stop people from seeing Nibiru? And why does Venus seem to be getting closer on the way and we can see its phases without telescopes?

End of the world and planet Nibiru: that’s behind it

According to various theories, a planet called Nibiru is said to race towards earth:

However, Nibiru should have collided with our home plan in October 2017.

It was announced that the planet would hit the South Pole, causing a series of catastrophes that wiped out human life on earth.

At least that is what the author and conspiracy theorist David Made claimed in his book.

Before October 2017, he asserted that the planet Nibiru was in space and could not be found with telescopes.

The approach angle of the planet to the earth is also unfavorable, so that it will come to a fatal catastrophe, so the author further.

However, you shouldn’t get scared, because the planet Nibiru should wipe us all out before 2017 as early as 2003. In 2012 he celebrated according to the Mayan

Calendar’s return as a possible cause of the end of the world, but as is well known, nothing happened.

These and similar theories are set up anew every year and in most cases are nothing more than hot air and scare tactics.


Anyway, what we saw in the video looks like something is guarding the earth. It looks like it will protect the earth from the debris fields that follow Comet Leonard.

We could have hit Earth with a devastating meteor from this debris field, but we were lucky. That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with luck.

The question now is; is this earthly technology or is something or someone else protecting us?

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