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December 22, 2021

Stand with Children’s Health Defense in showing the pharma-captured government agencies that we will not go quietly into medical tyranny. We also will not stand aside and allow children, who have virtually no serious risks from COVID, to be sacrificed for big-industry profits.

The lies and corruption have been exposed in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s best selling book, The Real Anthony Fauci, and are illuminated everyday in CHD’s The Defender, now receiving 8 million views per month. Your support helps us fight mandates, protect freedom, preserve our children’s health and spread the truth.

“The push to vaccinate children has nothing to do with their health and everything to do with adding billions of dollars to the bank accounts of corrupt pharmaceutical companies. We must stop the madness.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Your right to make decisions regarding your own body is at risk and we need all hands on deck to defend it. We The People are the only thing standing between everyBODY, including young children, being subjected, not just once, to these experimental injections, but to ongoing “booster shots.” Your support helps us litigate and educate against this overstepping of medical intervention.

People from every walk of life are fighting back, proving they will not sit on the sidelines as their freedoms continue to erode. We will not go quietly!

What is medical freedom worth?

Please donate in whatever amount you can before December 31st for the tax year 2021 to empower CHD to fight for freedom and our children’s future.