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The Federal Council must put all the facts on the table unvarnished, from the contracts with the pharmaceutical companies to the wrong figures on infection, hospitalization and mortality, says Thomas Kaiser from “Current Events in Focus”.

Within two years, political things were pushed through that could not have been imagined in the worst dreams. It all started when the Federal Council declared an “extraordinary situation” with the help of the Epidemics Act, Parliament ran away in a panic during the spring session of 2020, and the executive received an enormous increase in power within a very short time. The Federal Council was able to impose the lockdown, tell people how many people they can meet privately, close restaurants, bars, fitness centers, cinemas, theaters and museums under threat of fines, talk billions in aid money (notice tax money), children from Banning classes and forcing people into isolation – a restriction of personal freedom such as our society has never experienced.


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