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Unbeknownst to the public, the EU Commission has launched a tender to create a central asset register in Brussels. That fits into a picture that has been emerging for some time.

Do you remember? Before the pandemic, there was something called data protection. That was very important back then, but has completely gone out of fashion since the beginning of the pandemic. Before the pandemic, nobody would have downloaded a tracing app and reported to (semi) government agencies where they were meeting with whom and for how long. It was also forbidden for employers to ask their employees for health data at the time. Today you are obliged to disclose your vaccination status to your employer, for example.

For everyone who collects data and wants to monitor the population as closely as possible, the pandemic is the ultimate Christmas present, because it has made things possible that would not have been possible two years ago. The pandemic was an excellent excuse to step up surveillance without a majority protesting. On the contrary: The majority even thought it was good, because fear of the pandemic drove them to beg for more control themselves.

The glass citizen

Anyone who – like me – is a little older remembers that there used to be something that was called banking secrecy. Unimaginable today, but in the past banks were not allowed to provide the authorities with information


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