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For decades, the ultra-conservative clientele in the US has been held back by influential Republican circles. At some point, so the mantra, there would be a good right-wing coup, a march on Washington DC

The “John Birch Society” put people off with such fantasies decades ago. The JBS conspiracy books even became the foundation for the German conspiracy media.

Instead of thinking and acting for themselves, conservatives simply chase after questionable influencers; hope and wait. This delaying tactic also formed the foundation for the QAnon movement and the “Assault on the Capitol” a few years ago, in which the masterminds are now being feverishly determined.

Behind the career of President Joe Biden is not China, but the DuPont clan, which intervened deeply in both major parties. An attempt was once made from the orbit of the DuPonts to recruit a highly decorated retired general for a kind of coup d’état. It was more likely to be about hearing the general out.

The US Marine Corps General Smedley Butler had publicly dubbed Mussolini (who was exposed many years later as a British MI6 agent in his early days) as a madman and had to retire as a result.

He was kind of a star in the US. A strange visitor who showed up at his house conjured up the danger of socialism and said that some kind of overthrow was needed.

There was money for a march on Washington and a group of military officers should get a lot of attention. This would lead to a peaceful change of power. Weapons and ammunition should be provided by the DuPonts.While Biden is disenchanting himself more and more every day, patriots have legitimate hopes for the return of Trump)

Butler feigned interest, but then reported the strange offer to authorities. Perhaps the visitor was just someone trying to find out butler and perhaps even set a trap for him. Wealthy people had long since bought control over veterans organizations, military associations and other conservative and right-wing extremist groups.

Some super-rich actually had authoritarian or even fascistic dreams of what America should look like. Leftists were appalled by this apparent right-wing mega-conspiracy. But the many donations to right-wing and military organizations were probably also a gateway to sound out these groups and identify possible pockets of resistance.(A nice mess! Trump had promised the Americans two Christmases – what is he putting under the tree for them?)

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Because the upper class of America promoted a socialist restructuring of the country at the same time and there was the danger that some angry military officers will band together to try a coup. The DuPonts and General Motors (GM) had a keen interest in the fascists in Italy and Germany, or only faked this interest.(Assange extradition, Biden show, Trump return and mysterious TV ads – what’s really going on?)

Alfred DuPont’s daughter Madeleine married Friedrich Ruoff. The DuPonts founded or financed extreme right-wing organizations in the USA such as the Khaki Shirts, Blue Shirts, White Band, the Nationalists and Silver Shirts. There was the American Guard Magazine from the Swastika Press, the Southern Committee to uphold the Constitution, the Crusaders, the Minute Men, the anti-Semitic Sentinels of the Republic, and many more groups.

It is reminiscent of the communist / secret service tactic of creating as many front organizations as possible in order to create the impression of diversity and grassroots movements.

General Butler testified before the “Committee on Un-American Activities,” which tried to bury the matter as silently as possible. The mass media (richly owned) made fun of Butler and made him look like a weirdo. The New York Times called the matter a fake.

It’s not uncommon for even generals to come up with weird ideas at times (see Albert Stubblebine or Michael Flynn), but Butler generally didn’t seem to have weird ideas. He is one of only 19 men to have received the Medal of Honor twice and one of only three men to have received both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and Medal of Honor.

Butler participated in a number of United States crews, “police operations”, and interventions in Central America and the Caribbean, commonly referred to as the Banana Wars, because their aim was to promote American trade interests in the region, particularly those of United Fruit Co. , To protect. These events disaffected and alarmed Butler, who later wrote a book about it called “War is a racket”. It said:

In World War I, only a handful of men made the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were created in the United States during the World War. Many admitted their enormous blood gains on their income tax returns. Nobody knows how many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns.

How many of these war millionaires shouldered a gun? How many of them dug a ditch? How many of them knew what it was like to get hungry in a rat infested shelter?

How many of them spent sleepless, scared nights dodging grenades, shrapnel, and machine gun bullets? How many of them parried an enemy bayonet blow? How many of them were wounded or killed in battle?

His book was published in 1935, just two years after attempts had been made to recruit him for a coup. Ordinarily, conspirators would be very careful about who to try to recruit. Butler is supposed to lead a coup whose troops should be equipped by the DuPonts.

But Butler despised unnecessary wars and the profiteers from big industry. In his book he writes sarcastically:

Take our friends, the du Ponts, the gunpowder family: haven’t any of them recently testified before a Senate committee that their powder won the war? Or saved the world for democracy? Or so? How did you fare in the war? You were a patriotic company.

Well, the DuPonts average earnings for the period 1910-1914 was $ 6,000,000 per year. It wasn’t much, but the du Ponts managed. Now let’s look at their average annual profit during the war years 1914-1918.

We find fifty-eight million dollars a year in profit! Almost ten times as much as normal times, and normal times profits were pretty good. A profit increase of more than 950 percent.

He mentioned numerous other companies and entrepreneurial families in this context. Why should influential circles really choose butlers for a coup?

Why should they even hold a right-wing coup when you already had control over the left and right spectrum? It looks much more like probing butlers or luring them into a trap.

He also knew that American patents had ended up with the German enemy in World War I.

This was considered the war to end all wars. This was the “war to make the world safe for democracy”. Nobody betrayed [den Soldaten]when they marched away that their disengagement and death will bring enormous war profits.

Nobody told our own soldiers that they could die from bullets their own brothers made here. Nobody told them that the submarines that torpedoed them were built with US patents. They were just told it was going to be “a glorious adventure”. Their necks full of patriotism were made to pay for the war.

So we gave them the high salary of $ 30 a month. For this grand sum all they had to do was leave loved ones behind, quit their jobs, lie in swampy trenches, eat canned food (if they could even get it) and kill and kill and kill. . . and get killed.

After taxes, alimony, and insurance had been deducted, the soldier was left with $ 9 a month. Then they were pressured to buy government Liberty Bonds, indirectly paying for the guns and ammunition they used.

During the committee hearings, Butler testified that Gerald C. MacGuire attempted to recruit him to lead a coup, pledging an army of 500,000 to march on Washington, DC, and financial assistance. In the face of a successful coup, Butler said the plan would have been for him to have near-absolute power in the newly created position of “general secretary” while Roosevelt would have been a figurehead.

Others accused Butler were not called as witnesses because “the committee had no evidence in the least to justify calling such men … The committee will not be aware of names that have been witnessed and only represent hearsay. “

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Sources: PublicDomain /recentr.com am 26.12.2021

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