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Who corrupts the language corrupts the people who speak it, and corruption comes from license as well as from servitude

(Giuseppe Giusti “Collection of Tuscan Proverbs” again expanded and published by Gino Capponi in 1871)

Of S.Cosa

Starting from an aphorism of the American writer Jeffrey Eugenides, “to be happy you have to find variety in repetition”, we launch a challenge to realize as much diversity as possible, from this disconcerting dip into the past.
It was back in 1938, when an undefined technical-scientific committee of the time published its “Manifesto on health” in July, remaining anonymous for good taste, as long as it was aired that Mussolini’s hand was behind its drafting.

In the height of summer, under the umbrellas, the Italians who were inebriated by the victory of Gino Bartali in the 32nd tour of France, understood that the “historical, linguistic, religious considerations”, They began to have little value compared to the “biology“And the concept of health and integrity of the nation.
On 5 August, that kind of poster to indicate the parameters of the “Pure Race”, was again published in the name of professors of pathology, anthropology, paediatrics, and demography, among them also the Director of the Institute of Zoology in Rome, the Director of the National Institute of Biology at the CNR, the President of the Central Institute of Statistics, the Director of the Institute of Special Medical Pathology and the President of the Italian Society of Psychiatry.

While the summer was cheering up with the operettas and songs of Vittorio De Sica (father of our Christian), the people were alerted by the arrival of a biological pandemic, a sort of mental virus, housed in our fellow men, hit the DNA by altering the genetics of the breed: there was no need to mix, a precautionary distancing from those infected with it became consistent.

Scientists warned that it was difficult to discover evil, it was not recognized by aesthetics, nor by ethics, nor by kindness or morality, but anyone could get infected.

With a disease that did not give clear outward symptoms, the months of July and August of 1938 passed with breezy restrictions to be implemented, in order not to spread biological damage from mixing with similar ones.

The situation became difficult, everyone felt called into question, the publicity of the time hammered on the civic sense for “to elevate Italian to an ideal of superior self-awareness and greater responsibility“, It became imperative that”the physical and psychological characteristics must not be altered in any way”: Attention to this meant the commitment to prevent a possible common contagion. The country had to be saved from the carriers of a new infection, a new psychiatric virus discovered by biology and science, which also endangered the very future of the nation.

It was decided that to inform on how to recognize the disease and make sure to detect, then eradicate, those characters with which doctors and psychiatrists identified it, it was necessary to use “the measure of the moral life of the country”.

The Italian school became the acting hand of the first genetic law based on biological and religious assumptions. Leader for a health policy using education as the tank of a still invisible war, Italy anticipated Nazi Germany, which will institute the Racial Laws in November 1938, two months after seeing theItalian effect.

From September 1938 onwards, the “Bel Paese” became the experiment of a “cleaning of sick Italian staff” thanks to compulsory schooling and by working to safeguard the children and avoid infections, the problem was concretely addressed.

Mussolini and the Minister of Education at the time, the Gjuseppe Bottai, with two urgent decree laws, conceived and set up the first exclusion policy in all schools of the Kingdom. In the name of total biological safety of the school world, no child would ever be infected, Furthermore he would learn to recognize who had the disease: no one objected and began having to prove that they had a certain DNA, to be of a certain “race” to enter school, through a sort of ideological molecular buffer.
That day is defined as “the most shameful page in Italian history”, it was September 5, 1938, all the families were called to carry out what was established by the Royal Decree Law n. 1390. Proud they showed willingly accepting to exhibit their uniqueness with something that differentiated them, as we know, national pride always leads to partying!

They were called “Provisions for the defense of race in school” and sanctioned the exclusion of people from the office of teacher, because they are guilty of a definite thought dangerous to the health of others: it was impossible to risk getting infected for people who did not genetically conform to the correct vision of health and integrity.

Although physically, it happened to get sick in the same way, with the same responses of the body in both, infected and healthy remained subject to the same viruses, and a purity card did not change the morbid courses that still functioned the same way, both for the bearers of evil, which for others unscathed.

With the’removal from desks and chairs of those who were possible carriers of contagion, or because they were in contact with those who could infect them, state and parastatal schools of any order and degree helped in the recognition plan for those who did not have the right genetics. University students, already enrolled in the past academic years, were only allowed to continue their studies.

The great doubt began for those who now, out of the blue, were pointed out to have an unhealthy and morbid gene, but who still fell ill, recovered or died in the same way. The difference was not even recognized by the force of order called to drive away from public places, no who had a visible infection like the plague with its bubbles, but an internal virus, dangerous for those who said they did not, recognized only in confessing to have another relationship with the body and the laws that regulate life and with God.

Parental schools were built, so as not to miss the year that had started really badly, and the Government, aware that school was compulsory, instituted classes of at least 10 pupils, for infected children born to parents that science had now established, had a different concept of “safety”, so dangerous, that every book that spoke about it or written by someone who was contagious, was excluded from all schools.

From October 16, 1938, all Jewish teachers, principals and principals were suspended from service, as were university aides, elementary school supervisory staff, and self-employed teachers. Since a juridical definition of a Jew had not yet been developed, it was decided to consider as such anyone who was born to parents both of “Jewish race”, regardless of their religion..”

A new educational thrust began, with the deprivation of thousands of teachers and staff from all Italian schools and universities, the new education reset period was based on health, biology and discrimination of peers.

Little is known about those suspensions, of those expelled from the classrooms of Italian schools, no newspaper spoke of them. “The recent measures to protect the breed make another 11 chairs vacant, which will be provided in the short term“, The Government quietly declared, in one of the few articles we have received, to deal with the suspension of the university professors of Bologna in November of ’38. By now the health battle had begun, and as the Royal Decree Law of November 15, 1938 states, “staff (ebreo ndr) belonging to the roles for offices and jobs in schools of all levels, public and private, attended by Italian students, is exempted from the service, and allowed to assert the qualifications for any retirement benefits pursuant to the general provisions for the defense of the Italian race. To the staff for the period of suspension referred to in Article 3 of the Royal Decree-Law September 5, 1938-XVI, number 1390, the normal emoluments due to the officials in service are paid in full.
From the date of entry into force of this decree, free teachers of Jewish race lose their qualification.

He left under the cheerful sun of August of that year 1938, the awareness of a pandemic that infected anyone who was in contact with those who professed a different idea, the infection soon spread throughout Europe, the situation precipitated and from the classrooms to however, to ensure them an education, they had to create fences, ghettos as well as camps to contain the sick. There died several of those children of those parental schools started in the year in which our Bartali, a pure Italic race, won the 32nd tour of France.

Today, fortunately, times have changed, an attempt is being made to have a Zan Law Decree approved that prevents the discrimination of “diversity”, but it is not possible because we want to convince ourselves that there is no discrimination for those who make different choices.
The Ministry of Education, University and Research is aware of this and alerts us to a “unexpected and unpredictable break in of reality“With a note, which justifies how from 15 December 2021, through a Law Decree, not to be a vehicle of contagion, penalty suspension but without emoluments unlike the Royal Decree-law of 1938, all teachers must make themselves” pure breed ” deprived of a freedom of thought on self-care.

FromDecember 15 leave theobligation vaccination for the staff of the school, introduced by law decree 172/2021. From that date, Ata managers, teachers and staff (both permanent and temporary), to access school, they must therefore demonstrate that they have carried out the vaccination anti-Covid”, Headlines the prestigious Sole 24 Ore of 13 December, in an article written by colleague Dino Caudullo. Nothing for now, is communicated on the consequences of that act. Fortunately, the whole school sector has proved to be an example of civic sense in the prevention of the disease and today with the technology that allows the monitoring of the transmission of the contagion also via the internet, the names and surnames of those who have undergone to become pure are known and who never she hasn’t even thought about booking the event. But even knowing who is infected and who is not, it happens that you continue to get sick, as in that distant 1938 with the same colds, sore throats, coughs and fevers. However, science is actively trying to solve the problem: in the pandemic that began that year they had seven years to prove the effectiveness of their treatments, we hope that this time they will do it sooner and save themselves, as well as those who can, more lives.

In the changes of the educational parameters, it is always pleasant to remember the proverbs.

“Few words to the wise”

“To err is human, to persevere is diabolical”

“Under the good price lies the fraud”

“Use is law”

“Who knows, learns”

“You can do evil by force but not good and you can only make vinegar”

article by S. Cosa

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