“Ha ha ha” Biden laughs at Kamala Harris’ claims that he didn’t see Delta or Omicron coming (VIDEO)


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Joe Biden sat down for a one-on-one softball interview with ABC’s David Muir.

Muir asked Joe Biden about a recent comment Kamala Harris made to the Los Angeles Times in which he admitted that the Biden regime did not foresee the arrival of Delta or Omicron.


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Biden looked like a deer under the headlights when asked about the Omicron variant.

“The vice president said in the past few days that you didn’t see Delta coming, that you didn’t see Omicron coming. How did you go wrong? “

Biden shorted out for a few seconds before laughing awkwardly.

“Hahaha! How did we go wrong? Nobody saw it coming! Nobody in the world! Who saw it coming? ” Biden said.


Literally everyone has seen more variations arrive.

Both Dr. Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky have seen the variations come and spread rapidly.

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