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Footage out of Germany shows police harassing and arresting an older woman seemingly because she was walking down the street without a Covid mask.

Investigative journalist Luke Rudkowski posted the clip to Twitter on Tuesday, writing, “This is the future your overlords want for your grandmother walking her dog.”

The scene is reminiscent of Nazi Germany where citizens feared the out-of-control law enforcement members abusing their rights.

The elderly lady cried for help as her dog escaped its leash amid the police detainment.

Bystanders shouted down the police officers as they placed the woman in handcuffs.

With a group of citizens yelling at the officers, backup arrived to block them from disrupting the arrest.

A similar political environment could make its way to America if the people don’t stand up to the globalist Great Reset.

Owen breaks down why the globalists are targeting him and Infowars with censorship and arrests.


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