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The report comes from the most prestigious European institute – the Koch Institute in Berlin – drawn up with the prestigious collaboration of the Pasteur epidemiological institute in Paris and was published today 30 December. It soon became “viral” all over the world, but not in the mainstream press, again thanks to the network that is undergoing an unprecedented free-killing attack in this period.

The relationship, in a nutshell, it notes that 95.58% of Omicron cases in Germany have completed the experimental vaccination cycle – and 28% even have the “third dose”. Only 4.42% with omicron variant positivity are not vaccinated. In Germany, as many as 73.9% of the population have been vaccinated with the first dose, 70.9% with the second dose and 37.3% have already received the third dose.

In practice, all measures such as the Super Green Pass of the “best” that wanted to contain cases by forcing vaccination surreptitiously collapse in a miserable way.

The narrative supporting the insane management of Draghistan implodes with the numbers of the most prestigious epidemiology institute in Europe.

The new weekly report from RKI, lacking the usual tabular overview of the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign, covers a population of 4206 cases tested with the omicron variant.

Of these, 2,883 are vaccinated with a second dose, 1137 have already done the booster (95.58%). 186 only are the cases of unvaccinated omicron positive.

While Draghistan, totally in the flask, with the vaccinated population in quarantine, the tracking skipped, the swabs that only detect Delta, the regional sites in tilt, can do nothing but impose differentiated quarantines between vaccination stratification and prohibition on non-vaccinated people from 12 years of age. up to using public transport, going to school or work, to the gym, eating outdoors and even playing soccer, the most advanced studies highlight the total illogicality of discriminatory and unconstitutional measures, totally ineffective.

Pfizer has announced that until April it will not even have an experimental serum to stem this variant. And what is the solution touted by all the media? Vaccinate with a third Pfizer dose. While Draghi sends doctors to the ward with the third dose without any precaution with the new absurd decree, a question arises spontaneously: will the Facebook fact checkers, the guardians of the “truth” censor even the most prestigious European epidemiology institute?


And two reports in the Lancet also say so

COVID-19: stigmatizing the unvaccinated is not justified

COVID-19: stigmatising the unvaccinated is not justified https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)02243-1/fulltext

Omicron: the “Frankenstein” of the coronavirus that terrorizes the planet, continues to terrorize the Republic. Instead it seems that Omicron could be the end of the terror that lasted almost two years, a media terror in the first place.

Will Omicron variant be the end of the pandemic?

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