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The study at the time placed a large part of the emphasis on immigration and the emerging no-go areas. But it also clearly had an economic component.

Today we are facing a period of severe crisis. The energy crisis is coming. If we have already felt the rise in the cost of living, this should be a gentle foretaste of what is in store for us. Many electricity suppliers assure us that prices will STILL remain stable this year.

That is nice, but it means that it will very likely not stay that way. The talk of energy poverty will then hit not only poor pensioners and disadvantaged families, but everyone. We have been threatened for a long time before the widespread blackout – and politicians are doing everything to bring it about.

Compared to the nominal wage, they are Prices for electricity, gas and heating oil have risen much faster than incomes. Several million households are also threatened by energy poverty due to the massive increase in heating oil prices.

How many people in Germany suffer from energy poverty is not recorded in any official statistics. 2012 became 321,539 people due to arrears the power supply is cut off by their energy company.

With the development of energy prices due to climate protection, this number will increase drastically: The German business news write: The “Climate inflation” is coming: prices for CO2 certificates go through the roof. (Energy crisis: Putin on gas prices: “Consumers in Germany should demand an explanation”)

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The gas crisis has now rocked for months. And although Russia has consistently insisted on delivering, the press writes lies like “Putin turns off the gas tap again!„:

It is German politics that does not approve the commissioning of Nordstream2. BILD, Spiegel and others rail against Russia and Putin, BILD admits somewhere further back that a Gazprom spokesman said:

“Gazprom delivers gas according to customer requirements in full compliance with current contractual obligations.”

It is Foreign Minister Baerbock who, in retrospect, wants the gas business to run under EU legal conditions – which was never agreed.

The industry is suffering from the skyrocketing gas prices. Entire branches of industry shut down, disastrously also fertilizer production. In September reported the Daily Mail that two fertilizer factories have given up in the UK. In the British towns of Teesside and Cheshire, two fertilizer factories closed overnight because gas prices rose immensely.

They are worldwide because there is a great shortage of gas which is driving up prices. The price for gas at the most important European trading center for this energy source – in Amsterdam – has more than tripled since the beginning of the year (It is heading towards quintupling). An important reason for this are the expensive CO2 certificates.

So the fertilizer factories are gone and will not come back, because energy prices will continue to rise – thanks to the green climate rescue policy – because they want to enforce the zero-carbon policy. The whole world feels the consequences.

One consequence of this policy is that it is creating a mounting, catastrophic crisis in fertilizer production around the world, with crop failures to follow. And it’s not that politics and governments don’t know. Obviously, it will be accepted. The world may be drifting into a hunger crisis.

The page msn-News reports what the Australian farmer Matt Fergusson says on TikTok:

“Not only will we not be able to keep and breed cattle and we will not be able to grow food and we will not be able to grow grain or the like, but even if we could, we cannot transport it. No wheel of a truck can turn because we don’t have AdBlue ”(AdBlue is needed for diesel vehicles and is obtained from urea, a by-product of nitrogen for fertilizer – half of all trucks on Australian roads run on diesel).

As of February, we in Australia may not have trucks on the road and trains may not be on the tracks. So in February the whole country literally stands still. Go into your closet and look in your fridge and I guarantee that pretty much every single item there has been made from urea at some point, be it a steak or a salad or a can of baked beans. “

China and Belarus are the two largest exporters who supply Europe with fertilizer and urea, China has stopped exporting and Europe is refusing to import nitrogen fertilizers from Belarus because it would support the Belarusian villain President Lukashenko. (In 2023 Germany is threatened with a lack of electricity)

The lack of AdBlue (without which modern trucks don’t even drive) and the diesel prices will cause the supply chains to crumble even further. Ship diesel will also become so expensive for climatic reasons that the large container ships will also travel much less.

Goods and food from all over the world will no longer be continually delivered here – and that will be very noticeable. Here is the energy price development in statistical graphics:

Of course, we also need natural gas to generate electricity, because coal and gas power plants are the only ones that can be started up at lightning speed if the grid voltage drops and a blackout threatens.

Nuclear power plants can only be started up or shut down very slowly. Wind and solar energy are extremely unreliable. The coal-fired power plants are all switched off one after the other, some gas-fired power plants still exist as “backbones”, but there is hardly any gas left. That’s going to be tight, dear readers.

We are entering a massive crisis here in Europe – and the people are completely clueless. (Is it all a plan of the elites? Collapse in global fertilizer production, supply chains and electricity crisis)

The International Man writes:

“No fertilizer can be made without urea and natural gas. If the price of both goes up (both have gone up), it will have a significant impact on the price of fertilizer.

The price of fertilizers, in turn, affects the price of food. This is because fertilizer is the second largest component of the cost of most agricultural production. The first is … you guessed it, Diesel. We now have a bull market not only in urea, but also in natural gas and, to top it off, also in diesel. “

Fertilizer and food prices (Source: True Insights, United Nations)

In the medium term, Europe can apparently prepare for hunger, blackouts, cold, sparingly stocked supermarket shelves and unrest. The new Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock brings a loud, critical stance towards Russia to her office.

Baerbock, a leading Green, is putting the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany on hold over alleged Russian aggression against Ukraine. The pipeline had been held up by an industrial certification process since its completion in September. But now Baerbock has brought a geopolitical factor into play to stop the project.

Operates the EU therefore a policy of confrontation with Russia Hell, out to chase another pig through the village and distract from her own disaster policy? Are the conspiracy theorists right again?

Is it part of the “Great Reset” to first destroy everything and then build up your total control system? Would hunger riots and (economic) war with Russia be just right for you?

Of course, on the floors of the global billionaires, one knows how China will behave in such a case. It already makes no secret of it. It will be on Russia’s side.

Unless there are secret deals … but it doesn’t look like that.

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