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Making people’s lives unhappy is “more effective” than imposing fines.

The French health minister has admitted that vaccination records are a “camouflaged” form of compulsory vaccination, despite President Macron declaring that there will be “no compulsory vaccination”.

In comments reported by French broadcaster La Chaîne Info, Olivier Véran revealed that the main purpose of the COVID passport is to force the unvaccinated to give in.

Véran said the vaccination pass is “a disguised form of mandatory vaccination, but it is more effective”.

“Preventing people who are not vaccinated from going into bars, restaurants or other places with the public is more effective than a € 100 fine if they are caught on the street,” he said.

In other words, making life difficult for the unvaccinated is the best way to force them to vaccinate.

These statements are a mockery of Emmanuel Macron’s assertion that France will never introduce compulsory vaccinations.

“I said it and I will repeat it: vaccination will not be compulsory,” said Macron. “We should have trust in our researchers and doctors. We are the land of the Enlightenment and Pasteur, reason and science must guide us ”.

Meanwhile, the ability to present a negative test result as part of the Pass Sanitaire will be abolished in January, meaning that only those who have been vaccinated (who can still transmit the virus) will be allowed to enter numerous locations, including cinemas, cafes, bars and restaurants .

Those who can prove on site that they are not infected with the virus and therefore cannot spread it will no longer be admitted.

“We gave a lot of time to the French who hesitated and doubted, but we will increase the incentive to vaccinate in January,” said French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

“It is unacceptable that the refusal of a few million French people to be vaccinated is putting the lives of an entire country at risk,” he added.


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