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“The main characteristic of fourth generation reactors is that they do not exist. These are projects, of various types, in which one would think to implementto certain measures to make them safer.

“Compatible solutions for the energy of the future?” Even Greta said so.


Fourth generation nuclear power? Does not exist. Including it in the EU’s Green Plan is suicide ”. Prof Tartaglia dismantles the pro-atom theories: “It is neither safe nor clean”

The nuclear engineer and professor emeritus of the Polytechnic of Turin a few days after the green light for nuclear power in the “Green Taxonomy”: “It is not clear whether Cingolani is a scientist or a champion of an economy model”. And he adds: “We have a climate emergency that asks us to halve CO2 emissions within ten years. I don’t know how nuclear power can be a useful tool, if it takes decades to develop the new types ”. The problem of waste, the very high costs and the illusion of safety.

by Luisiana Gaita

Include nuclear power in the Taxonomy verde of the EU is a suicide“. The official decision of the EU Commission is awaited by mid-January, although it has already been anticipated that it will include theatomic energy. Per Angelo Tartaglia, nuclear engineer and emeritus professor of Physics at the Department of Applied Science and Technology of the Polytechnic of Turin, that of the atom is not “clean and safe” energy, as the supporters of the ‘fourth generation‘. Nor is it “inexhaustible“. Interviewed by ilfattoquotidiano.it explains: “At the moment there is no solution to the problem of slag, the costs are very high, safety is an illusion “. And i minireattori what is the Minister of Energy Transition talking about? “It is not clear whether Roberto Cingolani he is a scientist or champion of an economy model. These new mini-jets would have to be done, there aren’t any. There is no fourth generation of nuclear power. We have a’climate emergency which asks us to halve CO2 emissions within ten years. I don’t know how nuclear can represent one instrument useful, if it takes decades to develop new types”.

Compared to the first prototypes built between the 40s and 50s, the second (up to the 80s) and third generation ones, however, tell us that from the fourth generation we could obtain ‘clean and safe’ energy.
“Nuclear energy does not emit Co2, but it cannot be defined as ‘clean’, because it has negative impacts on the surrounding environment. The plants in operation today exploit only the energy released in the fission reactions. Although there are several ongoing experiments, in fact, there are still no fusion reactors that are able to release more energy than they absorb. But fission reactors, of any generation and size, are based on a reaction that produces fission fragments, isotopes of chemical elements lighter than the uranium from which they started and which are unstable, radioactive. Let’s imagine the nucleus of an atom of a heavy element (uranium, thorium, plutonium) as a charged firecracker which just a tap is enough for it to burst. The tap gives it a neutron. By bursting, splinters are produced that interact with what is around and their energy is transformed into heat used, as in a thermal power plant, to produce steam and electricity ”.

And what needs to be done with the radioactive waste?

“We can only put them somewhere, but the problem is understanding where and for how long since they are harmful to the biosphere and, in particular, to human beings. Once you have found a site, you cannot be sure that, in the next hundreds or thousands of years, the water that melts things and carries them around will not arrive or that no one goes to put their nose in it. Definitive solutions have never been found: most of the waste produced so far in the world is in temporary deposits. Even if the reactors worked perfectly, we would have an advantage for a few decades, leaving a legacy for centuries or millennia for future generations. It’s insane, it means killing the future with the present “.

After the Three Mile Island accident, in Pennsylvania, in 1979 and the Chernobyl disaster, third generation reactors and, with the new millennium, third generation plus reactors, which provide a passive shutdown system, are aiming for greater safety. in case of emergency.
“There are no safe machines or machines that never break down….

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