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According to the Robert Koch Institute, there were even a lot of boosters. But Natalie Rickli sticks: Unvaccinated people “continue to be held hostage”.

The “truth” of the corona agitators disintegrates in real time. The German Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which has never played down the crisis, provides evidence.

According to the report from the end of 2021, 4,020 of the 6,788 Omicron cases were vaccinated, 1,137 of them with a booster vaccination.

The number of those who had not been vaccinated is even slightly below those who were repeatedly protected by a vaccine, namely 1,097. “Mostly no or mild symptoms” were reported.

The RKI report is from December 30th. It affects Germany. The situation in Switzerland should not be very different.

Even if the group of vaccinated people is larger and this puts the numbers into perspective, the result is: The vaccination does not protect much against Omikron.

Nevertheless, the Pfizer Biontech bosses have already promised an Omicron version of their vaccine for spring, which should work.


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