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Former Continental Airlines CEO Gordon Bethune says he’s stopped listening to the nation’s top Covid-19 czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, because of “too much misinformation.

I want to be a good CNBC contributor, but I don’t listen to Dr. Fauci anymore. It’s just too much misinformation,” he told “Power Lunch.

If you flew the airplane how Dr. Anthony Fauci manages this crisis we’d all be dead,” he added, calling the government response to Omicron “chicken little.”

It started with “the sky is falling… we overreacted. I thought we were getting back to the centerline and getting normal, but a 10-day Covid quarantine really takes the reserve pilot out of the picture. He’s got it. He’s locked up. He can’t come in. The reserve pilot, and the reserve dispatcher, the reserve mechanics…” he added.


Bethune’s comments come on the heels of Fauci’s proclamation that American travelers should expect masks forever on commercial air travel (despite vaccination status).

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, who has come to be hailed as a national hero by Liberals who simplistically like to repeat the mantra “trust the science” told ABC’s This Week in a recent interview that removing masks on an airplane is “not something we should even be considering.”


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