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Dear friend,

I know very well that very many people find themselves in a state that borders on the unbearable. Many of you feel the same way.

I am following events and I have received a lot of messages from you reporting them. from Dieter Broers

A reader wrote to me: “Dear Dieter, the pressure on unvaccinated people is increasing. It is crumbling around me, masks are falling, former friendships are breaking … show their true colors. I’m just speechless about the futility of what is happening right now.

Never before have I been so busy reminding myself to come into JOY and also to keep this vibration. I am developing more and more into a “silent” observer. Yes, quiet because it is getting quieter around me. Everyone around me is vaccinated. “

As you can probably imagine, I am personally affected by it again and again. If we believe the outward views of the world situation, the state of insanity seems to increase to infinity. From this perspective, the hope of liberation from suffering seems hopeless.

But, is this really the truth? Or are there objective signs that there is actually a redemption and thus an awakening from the illusory world? Before I go into this question in more detail, I would like to say that I am convinced that these signs do indeed exist.

But why are the shocking events developing in a seemingly hopeless direction? As it stands, most people hope and pray that things will be back to normal, and most people mean the time before the plan.

But that is exactly one of the reasons why this discovery and dissolution of suffering takes so long, because an evolutionary development cannot unfold if old concepts are adhered to. Especially in this final time we should trust unconditionally in our creative potential.

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What does it mean, whoever orientates his life solely on hope and confidence, doubts his unlimited creative power. But how can we put this knowledge into practice?

The most important step is realizing the spectacle of our organized oppression. The clarity of this knowledge decides whether and how quickly and sustainably we succeed in getting out of fear.

We recognize that in a state of fear, doubt grows and confidence disappears and that our thoughts and energies thus nourish what is the subject of fear and strengthen it. Because in the end we know exactly that fear blinds us to the solutions and redemptions and keeps us away from awakening.

As a first step, I recommend you to impose spiritual hygiene. Stay away – as much as possible – from all incriminating information and after a few days you will notice how your energy of strength increases and the fear dissolves. Only then are we able to perceive our intuitive promptings.

Basically, we should all be aware that fear not only blocks intuitive abilities, it also reduces the logical mind to a minimum and is equivalent to paralysis. Therefore, our first intention should be to break this block. Only then will we be able to recognize the signs of salvation in order to find our personal way out.

The propaganda-like media content forces us to have a one-sided, unreal view of the world. As a result, we experience what surrounds us with a selective perception – that psychological phenomenon that ensures that only certain aspects of the environment are absorbed and thus others are blocked out. The longer and more often this happens, the harder it is to remember the truth.


Level 1,000 – highest level of consciousness that can be achieved on earth

Dear friend,

my friend Thomasz from Warsaw sent me a publication on December 3, 2021, which we can obviously interpret as one of the increasing signs of positive changes.

In this publication we can learn that on November 30th, 2021 a “scale of consciousness” indicated a maximum value. My first check has shown that this value is the highest value of consciousness that should be attainable on earth (and corresponds to the value on a Hawkins scale of 1,000).

Here is the translation of the publication – which was originally published in Polish:

“My dear friends and strangers. A great thing has happened. The transformation of water in the world. Anyone familiar with the Hawkins Scale can try it out for themselves.

Yesterday, 11/29/2021, the average water calibration in the world was 135 *. Today, on November 30th, 2021, from 9:01 a.m. Polish time, there are already 1,000!

For the uninitiated: This is the highest possible calibration in the world of matter. The liberation of the water is the most important step on the way to the spiritual transformation of the world. The water is the link between the spiritual world and the world of matter. Life force flows through the water to all beings … “

My first review showed that the Hawkins scale given here is a logarithmic exponential scale of consciousness and is the result of consciousness research by the philosopher and mathematician David Hawkins.

If this sensational statement is correct, we should first be able to better assign the two “calibration values”. So if it is said that the calibration value of water should have jumped from 135 to 1,000 within one day, then this old value of 135 corresponds to a state between levels 150 and 125. Both levels are assigned different states of consciousness:

The level 150 characterizes the mental states anger, anger, hatred and aggression, whereby the level 125 describes desire, desire and self-enslavement, and ends with the 0 level, physical death. According to this calibration table, the value 1,000 corresponds to the highest level of consciousness that can be achieved on earth.

The following graph shows the lower part of the Hawkins scale, including the state we supposedly were in before November 31st.

You can take a closer look at the upper part of this graphic, which leads to the highest “level 1,0005”, on this page: https://de.spiritualwiki.org/hawkins/skala

Dear friends, of course I wonder how Hawkins determined these measurement results and how they can be scientifically explained. For this reason I will be on my website in the next few days www.dieterbroers.com Publish more information under News.

What I can already say is that many of the physical constants that were previously fixed actually seem to change. But regardless of the outcome of my exam, I would like to ask you to always remind yourself that in the end it is always up to us which world reveals itself to us and which face we look at in the mirror in the morning:

The smiling one that confidently reminds us of our divinity, or the sorrowful one that carries all the pain of the world within itself.

Me Agape
Dieter Broers

PS: The second, expanded edition of will appear tomorrow EVOLUTION 2021. The new edition contains articles by Prof. JJ and Desiree Hurtak and Dr. Heidi Wichmann. It is really recommendable reading for the coming weeks and of course a special gift too!

Sources: PublicDomain /kongseb.blogspot.com am 22.12.2021

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