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Mac Slavo
December 23rd, 2021

Dr. Anthongy Fauci, the United States’ head medical tyrant, says that Americans should ban family members who are unvaccinated from having holiday celebrations with family. Still attempting to push the vaccine onto every single human alive, Fauci says people the unvaccinated should be ostracized from their families.

The propaganda is getting intense over these shots. Speaking on MSNBC, Fauci said people should avoid seeing their unvaxxed relatives for the holiday season, suggesting get-togethers could resume at “another time,” when the Covid-19 pandemic is “all over.” He did not offer an estimate for when that might occur. But most of us already understand that not only is the scamdemic “all over,” it never really began.

“I think we’re dealing with a serious enough situation that if there’s an unvaccinated person, I would say, ‘I’m very sorry, but not this time,’” he said on Tuesday night, warning ominously that the coronavirus Omicron variant “is going to find [those]” who have not received the jab. It’s the best thing for you and your family but also your societal responsibility to not allow yourself to be a vehicle for [spreading] to someone else who might be very vulnerable.”

Now it’s everyone’s social responsibility to keep others safe instead of their responsibility to keep themselves safe. But later in the same day, Fauci admits that those fully vaccinated with a booster shot can still get and spread the COVID-19 virus. Fauci’s argued later on Wednesday that even those who are fully vaccinated and received a booster dose should still avoid larger gatherings involving more than 30 people, as those would put attendees at “higher risk” regardless of how many shots they’ve had.

So is this an admission that these shots are not working?

The health expert’s comments come after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its own set of holiday guidelines earlier this month, suggesting Americans get vaccinated and avoid crowded indoor spaces, among other things. The agency stopped short of calling to disinvite unvaccinated relatives to celebrations, however, recommending only that additional precautions be taken. -RT

Stay alert and remain prepared. No one is listening to this tyrant anymore and that means we could get more sinister preplanned events that could do massive damage to the population. Stay mentally prepared so you can help others if you need to. As people begin to laugh off these tyrannical sociopaths, they will cling harder to their power.



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Mac Slavo
Date: December 23rd, 2021
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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