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Dr. Anthony Fauci is “strongly” warning against hugging and kissing your friends and loved ones on New Year’s Eve this year.

Fauci also told people to avoid large gatherings during the White House COVID-19 briefing on Wednesday.

“If your plans are to go to a 40- to 50-person New Year’s Eve party with all the bells and whistles and everybody hugging and kissing and wishing each other a happy new year, I would strongly recommend that this year we do not do that,” Fauci said.

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Instead, he told people to have smaller gatherings with people who are “boosted.”

“If you were in a situation with a family setting, in your home, with family—parents, children, grandparents—and everyone is vaccinated and boosted, although the risk is never zero in anything, the risk is low enough that we feel you should continue to go through with those plans of having a home-related, vaccinated, boosted gathering with family and close friends who are also vaccinated and boosted,” Fauci said.

“So, it really depends on what your plans are,” he added.


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