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From Paul Craig Roberts: He is an American economist and publicist. He was assistant secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration and is known as a co-founder of the Reagan administration’s economic policy program.

Both claim, without the slightest evidence, that 97% of Covid cases / hospital stays / deaths are due to unvaccinated people. This is an outright lie.

Information from all countries shows that it is the vaccinated who suffer injuries and deaths.

The “omicron variant” is used to spark a new wave of public fear and state control over civil liberties and citizens’ bodies – essentially needle rape – although the variant is known to be rarely harmful is. Hospitals are falsely reported to be full of Omikron patients.

The media emphasize that the more or less harmless variant is highly contagious and stir up fear because it is easy to become infected. People are encouraged to vaccinate themselves, although the omicron variant is known to be immune to the “vaccine”.

Find out the facts:

In Scotland, between August and November 2021, over 85% of deaths were among those who were vaccinated. Booster vaccinations only make the COVID infections worse. There have been around 40,000 deaths after vaccination in the US, UK, and EU, but Omikron is mild. The UK government tampered with the data to blame the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated are the most at risk.

It was already clear from the first cases in South Africa and now in the UK and the EU that the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus would cause mild illnesses and very few deaths [nicht durch Covid, sondern] “With COVID” leads. South African experts have even advised the stop-and-trace procedure and quarantine to be discontinued, as most infected people show no symptoms.

Further evidence of vaccine failure in the face of new infections comes from the United States, where one of the largest outbreaks of the new variant of Omicron to date is believed to have occurred at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. It is assumed that almost all 930 cases in the past week were this variant.

All of the confirmed Omicron cases in the Cornell University case have occurred in people who are fully vaccinated and some of them have occurred in people who also received a booster vaccination.

The booster is of course another vaccination in the hope that the third dose will do what the first two doses should do! And the new variant, “Omikron”?

Most of the omicron cases in the United States have occurred among those vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an update dated Friday, 10/12/21. Most of the patients experienced mild symptoms.

If the media across the western world indulges in blatant lies to drive Big Pharma’s profits, promote the destruction of civil liberty by governments, quell dissent, and perhaps support a depopulation agenda, the western world is doomed . It is the corrupt western media that have conspired with the governments to destroy freedom and nazify the western world to the point that Argentina has concentration camps for the unvaccinated and Germany and Austria intend to imprison the unvaccinated – and all for a “vaccine” which all the evidence shows beyond any doubt that it does not protect against a virus, a virus that has a very low mortality rate and can be easily cured and prevented with HCQ and ivermectin.

People in the West need to understand that their enemies are not Russia and China, but their own governments and their own “health officials”. It is these people who are the enemies of humanity.


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