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December 25, 2021

Mr. Fabien Stocco.

REVELSTOKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Mr. Fabien Stocco was an active, healthy single father of two, navigating his way through COVID-19 dystopia prior to Thanksgiving. But the 40-year-old is now uncertain if his life will ever return to what it once was.

Mr. Stocco received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on Friday, November 26. Less than a week later, he started experiencing severe chest pain and shortness of breath while shoveling snow. He checked into the emergency room on December 3 when the chest pains worsened. Mr. Stocco was back in the emergency room on December 6 when his condition did not improve after the first visit.

Doctors diagnosed him with post-injection pericarditis after five hours of examination.

They prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, magnesium and ibuprofen. Doctors told Mr. Stocco to come back if the pain persisted thereafter. He posted a short video on Facebook as he was leaving the hospital.

Mr. Stocco tried getting back to normal life after that visit. But simple things like taking a shower had become very cumbersome due to his condition. “Normal” life now included several naps everyday to revive himself after doing anything that required physical movement, including walking. He does not even feel confident driving long distances, and had to reach out to friends and family for rides to doctor appointments.

By Wednesday, December 8, the chest pain got so bad that Mr. Stocco thought he was having a heart attack. The pain also triggered a panic attack. He called 911 and, again, was taken to the emergency room. Mr. Stocco was also now suffering from brachycardia. His heart rate was 44 beat per minute. A normal resting heart rate is between 60 to 100 bpm for a man his age.

Despite all the treatments, his condition simply wasn’t improving like he thought it would. On top of all that, Mr. Stocco is also having to deal with another issue that nearly all vaxx-injured people must endure.

How and why he received the injection

The COVID Blog reached out to Mr. Stocco via Skype. We spoke for about an hour to get a better understanding of his situation. Note that there is a language barrier. Mr. Stocco is French, but moved to British Columbia for work about four years ago. Thus he learned English on the fly, which is quite impressive.

Mr. Stocco said that he never wanted to receive the injection because he did not believe they were completely safe. But he ultimately succumbed due to vaccine passport requirements in British Columbia.

“There’s been a lot of pressure for the last few months. The vaccines were developed too fast and there was a lot of economic pressure to get the vaccines out as quickly as possible,” Mr. Stocco said. “I couldn’t go skiing with my kids, I couldn’t go to a restaurant, I couldn’t do anything without getting the vaccine.”

Mr. Stocco made clear that his employer did not force him to get the injection. He instead got the shot for convenience sake. He referred to his job as being a back-country coach. Mr. Stocco guides people on remote expeditions, teaches skiing, wildlife photography, and pretty much everything else involving the outdoors. Thus he comes in contact with other people frequently and wanted to be proactive as the social pressure mounted.

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Mr. Stocco was a hiking guide in France for 10 years before emigrating to British Columbia. He grows his own food and farms fish because he wants to live a “chemical free life.” He barely even drinks alcohol anymore. Receiving mRNA or viral vector DNA injections was completely against everything he stood for.

Long battle back to health continues

Mr. Stocco said he started experiencing new pain, particularly in his right lung and stomach, on December 23. He went back to the emergency room for a fourth time. But all his vital signs were the same so no new action was taken by doctors.

Mr. Stocco said he now regularly sleeps 20 hours per day because he does not have the strength to get up and move around. Christmas Eve (when we spoke) was his most active day in weeks, but he is still far from normal. Mr. Stocco did not sound overly confident about his long-term prognosis. He told The COVID Blog:

“I’m expecting it will take a few months before I get back to normal. I was supposed to be able to go back to work after a month. But even when I do get back to work now, hopefully in two months, I will be limited in my duties. It will probably be six months before I’m back in normal physical shape. But I don’t know. This is all new. Doctors and patients don’t know because I was injured by this brand new medication.”

Vaxx trolls and censorship

Mr. Stocco made quite the profound statement in one of his Facebook posts. “Would you ask someone with cancer or diabetes to prove [his] condition?”

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Mr. Stocco said the harassment began when he posted his injury story on the Revelstoke Community Page on Facebook. He was alerted of vaccine clinics being held at a local Catholic Church via a post on the Revelstoke page. But when he tried posting about his injuries on said page, he was censored and belittled.

“I got severely attacked by a few people because speaking against the vaccine today is like being labeled a communist in 50s and 60s United States and Canada,” he said. “One woman told me I was lying. Another woman said the vaccine was safe and I was lying.” Mr. Stocco said that even family members didn’t believe him until after his third emergency room visit. He also posted his story in an Instagram thread for a French newspaper. Several people attacked and called him a liar there too.

Mr. Stocco said that nobody is given the full picture as to the risks versus potential benefits of the injections. He advised people facing the same pressure to do their own research and not rely on what they read and see in mainstream media.

“The Nuremberg Code says we don’t have to take medications without full consent. I never signed anything that lays out all the potential side effects from the vaccine,” he said. “But if I don’t take the vaccine, I cannot hike, I cannot enter a restaurant, I cannot do anything. Every second on the radio and television, they are telling you the vaccine is safe. I did it under pressure.”

Mr. Stocco is trying his best to remain positive while fighting for his health. But he understands that it’s going to be a long road to recovery.

“I’m at about 10-20% of my normal self right now,” Mr. Stocco said. “I’m still being careful, but I do feel I’m improving.”

Mainstream media sloppy messaging

Mainstream media are going all-in on Pfizer and throwing the company’s competitors under the bus. Reuters reported on December 17 that Moderna mRNA injections are more likely to cause myocarditis and pericarditis than Pfizer mRNA injections.

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One week prior to that, mainstream media said the risk of Moderna post-injection heart inflammation is low while also declaring Pfizer the safer injection. Both the CDC and U.K. government continue with the fallacious narrative that post-injection myocarditis and pericarditis are rare, mild and heal in a matter of days.

Scan some of the tweets from vaxx zealots defending mRNA injections despite all the pericarditis and myocarditis data. They seriously believe that getting so-called COVID-19 is worse than heart inflammation. There are only two organs humans absolutely cannot live without – the brain and the heart. You can lose one lung and still survive with the other one. You can lose one kidney and survive with the other one. But once you lose your heart, you lose your life. It’s both scary and sad that mainstream media have convinced the masses that heart inflammation is a minor ailment.

Take it from Mr. Stocco. Take it from this blogger. Stay vigilant and your friends and loved ones.


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