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If Eric Swalwell is for something, you know it’s the wrong thing for America but it might be the right thing for China.

We already know Swalwell wants all Americans to get vaccinated.

Eric Swalwell Loses His ‘Covid Patience’, Accuses Unvaccinated of Threatening His Young Children in Twitter Tirade

But Swalwell is best known for having an affair with a Chinese spy and remaining in the US House of Representatives serving Democrat concerns.  Now Swalwell is pushing hard for vaccine passports for all who fly.  Yesterday, Swalwell again pushed for these anti-American, anti-freedom mandates.

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Twitchy reports:

Rep. Eric Swalwell called it “one-hundred percent batty” that the unvaccinated are “allowed to fly” and banning them from commercial flights is “LEAST we can do to stop the spread”:

The responses to Swallow (sp) were perfect and also made sense. Unlike Swallow (sp):

80% of those coming down with COVID are fully vaccinated but let’s force the unvaccinated to get a shot. Individual rights be damned.

Swalwell wins my vote for one of the top ten dumbest and most disgusting Democrats from California.


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