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December 9, 2021

Ms. Emma Burkey, before the J&J injection.

LAS VEGAS — We first wrote about Ms. Emma Burkey on April 24. The high school senior received the experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA injection on or around April 1. Several blood clots formed in her brain within a day or two, causing four strokes and several seizures. Ms. Burkey was placed in a medically-induced coma to prevent further adverse events. That was all followed by three brain surgeries to save her life.

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Emma’s story got so much national and international attention that Fauci and the medical bureaucrats paused use of the Johnson & Johnson shots in the United States. Of course the pause only lasted 10 days.

Note, the dates in our April 24 story came from reports in the Las Vegas Review Journal. But those dates do not appear accurate, based on updates on Ms. Burkey’s GoFundMe page. Ms. Burkey awoke from her coma on April 16. This was her in the days after she woke up.

The family reported that Ms. Burkey was “speaking softly” again by April 22. She was moved out of intensive care and placed in the acute rehabilitation unit on April 30. Ms. Burkey suffered a setback on May 8, with constant vomiting and convulsions throughout her body. But she was able to watch her high school graduation via livestream on May 30. Mrs. Kathy Burkey, Emma’s mother, provided a Facebook update on May 28. She lauded her daughter’s perseverance, but expressed disappointment because the family could not celebrate her graduation as they had planned.

Doctors offered a very grim prognosis for Emma in April. The fact she’s even alive is a medical miracle and a testament to the type of person she is. Emma has a long road ahead to recovery. But she’s determined to get some semblance of her previous life back, no matter how much work it takes.

Rough summer of ups and downs

Emma literally has to stretch and loosen her limbs before her brain will ever be able to make them move properly again. Kathy posted an update on July 5 explaining the process.

Emma and her family finally returned to their Las Vegas home from Loma Linda University Hospital in San Bernardino on July 17. But their lives are now forever altered. The Burkey’s bought a wheelchair-accessible van for Emma. They also sold their home and purchased a single-level home to make things easier on Emma.

Their insurance company agreed to pay for botox injections for Emma’s legs and arms. The injections are meant to “loosen up” her limbs that were essentially immovable due to the strokes. But the botox procedures were postponed because of a scheduling mistake. It crushed Emma, prompting her to cry and tell her parents, “I just want to get better.” The appointment was rescheduled a few days later.

Emma got a little break from all the craziness on August 21. She and her mother went to a Jonas Brothers concert. It was apparently part of Emma’s graduation plans that she finally got to fulfill.

But if Emma wishes to every walk on her own again and have any semblance of normalcy, she’ll need to be committed to rehab and physical therapy for the foreseeable future.

Literally healing one step at a time

Emma could barely move any parts of her body in May. She’s slowly, but surely, progressing in the right direction. She’s talking close to normally and eating on her own. Kathy posted an update on September 17. It expressed concern because Emma may have a new brain bleed. But on the bright side, a video showed Emma taking her first few steps towards walking again.

Emma posed for a photo on October 9, which shows a smile that almost looks like her pre-Johnson & Johnson self.

Kathy posted another video update on October 10. You can clearly see Emma’s left leg being much more mobile than it was from the previous month.

Emma incorporated aquatic therapy later that month. Stroke victims use it to help strengthen their limbs and improve balance. Kathy posted another video update on November 27. Emma can actually “kick” her left leg out, which is vast improvement from the September video. Kathy said that Emma’s goal is to use her walker unassisted by April. That would be one full year after the Johnson & Johnson injection, blood clots and strokes.

We’ll hopefully provide an update in April 2022 of Emma moving around alone with her walker. Kathy Burkey has a very clear message for the world. “Do not get the J&J vax,” she wrote on November 27. The GoFundMe page is still collecting funds to help the family.

This is NOT a happy story

It’s great to see young Emma alive and recovering. But she should have never been in this situation in the first place. Ms. Burkey was working two jobs and got straight A’s in school before it was all taken away from her. She’d likely still be working her two jobs or be in her first year of college now. But all she has to look forward to is rehab, hospitals, and a slim chance at being able to walk on her own again.

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It’s difficult writing these articles because of the anger that builds up as the articles progress. Emma was 18 when she received the J&J shot. She made her own choice based on Fauci propaganda and mainstream media lies. Young people will see these stories, dismiss them as “conspiracy theory” and line up for their own kill shots. And at this point, there’s nothing left to save them.

Perhaps it’s just another coincidence that this blogger is Generation X, then came Gen Y (Millennials), and now Emma’s Generation Z. All children born in 2010 or after are called Generation Alpha, the first full generation of GMO kids in the Western world. They call it The Great Reset; and the generational designations are restarting (resetting) back to the beginning of the alphabet. At least we all have a front row seat for what’s to come.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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