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The new and exclusive Electrosmog tester CM SINUS was developed and produced for you by a German specialist company in accordance with strict building biology recommendations (SBM 2015).

It shows you the low-frequency and high-frequency exposure in your immediate vicinity in a simple and clear manner.

The CM SINUS is very easy to use thanks to its one-button operation. The LED display is easy to read even in direct sunlight and the individual stress levels are highlighted in color.

Reliable measurement of electromagnetic fields

Two frequency ranges: Low frequency 10 Hz-10 KHz (measuring range <10 nT-500 nT) and high frequency 1.8 GHz up to max. 5 GHz (measuring range 10 µW / m²-500 µW / m²). The sensitivity of the display was designed especially for the living and sleeping areas.

  • Developed, designed, programmed and produced in Germany.
  • The »PULSE« display shows you whether special, pulsed (digital) signals are present.
  • Even DECT telephones with a radio frequency of 1.8 GHz as well as routers or cell phones that transmit at 5 GHz are displayed.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Simple, clear and bright LED display.
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Notice: The »5G« radio range covers a frequency range from approx. 100 MHz to approx. 80 GHz. The CM SINUS evaluates the relevant part of this. (Destruction of humans, animals and nature by 5G radiation: Interview with microwave specialist)

Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 3 cm

Scope of delivery: CM SINUS, Battery, German operating instructions

You can start right away, the battery is already inserted!

Sources: PublicDomain / Kopp Verlag on December 28, 2021

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