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Temperatures are warming up today and tomorrow for the Eastern US, dashing hopes for a white Christmas. If you’re dreaming of a snowy white Christmas — you might have to travel to the Pacific Northwest. 

Cities along the US East Coast will see unseasonably warm weather through the end of the year. The average temperatures in New York City will average between 40-45 Fahrenheit for the next week. Any hopes of a white Christmas are entirely lost at this point. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) reports the odds of a white Christmas are significantly higher for the Pacific Northwest and much of the West. 

“A cold front forecast to move onshore this morning and progress slowly through the Intermountain West over the next couple of days will interact with the moisture … to produce heavy snowfall over the high elevation terrain from the Cascades to the Rockies,” NWS said Thursday.

“Over the Sierra Nevada there is potential for 5+ feet of snow to accumulate through Christmas morning, while more moderate totals of around 1 to 4 feet are expected across the rest of the western mountain ranges,” NWS continued.

“Travel across the Sierra will be difficult to impossible at times through the holiday weekend,” the agency said

Are you looking for a white Christmas? Head to the Western US but be careful of massive air travel delays plaguing holiday travelers.


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