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A contribution by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg on the vaccination decision as Russian roulette

Craig Paardekooper and others performed a detailed analysis of the US American VAERS database, in which the damage is documented in close temporal connection with the administration of the preparations by BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen. It turned out that the individual batches of the so-called vaccinations have extremely different toxicity. In some batches, toxicity increased up to 3,000 times. The vaccination decision turns into Russian roulette.

The deviations are so extreme that they cannot be due to accidental or application-related fluctuations in toxicity. Rather, there is some evidence that large-scale genetic engineering tests are currently underway on the large and unsuspecting population in the interest of the alleged emergency, and that this has been made possible, even promoted, by legal and political preparatory work and l assistance from governments and authorities.

Proven rules, which required careful, long-term studies for drug approval, have been ignored under the pretext of a pandemic. Now you can try a lot and make extensive use of it. Pharmaceutical companies are currently taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to be unbureaucratic120 candidates for the experimental corona vaccinein order to try. Bayer boss Stefan Oelrich (video after 1:37:40 h) has in hisSpeech at the 2021 World Health Summitin Berlin he called the mRNA vaccine “gene therapy that 95% of the population would have refused 2 years earlier”. Riding the wave of fear, profit-oriented pharmaceutical companies are currently testing all methods and products that can be patented, and thanks to parallel data collection campaigns, it is very easy to observe the effects of their experiments – without having to be held accountable. for them. Resistance from ethics committees excluded.

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