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(If you’ve already seen this, please excuse me if I took you off guard!)

If this is new information to you, it is VERY weighty evidence that getting any of these Covid19 vaccines is not a good idea.

Your immune system’s response will be altered, possibly permanently, in such a way that people who are vaccinated are more susceptible to future variants (this phenomenon is known as linked epitope suppression, even if it is unsafe).

This is the inevitable conclusion from the findings of a recent UK health agency report. So nobody thought anything up.

So please tell all relatives, friends and acquaintances that it is by no means a zero cost bet if they get vaccinated.

Here are some of the risks:

  1. Severe acute reactions (Pfizer, Moderna) to unusual lipids in the nanoparticles. I’m not sure there have been deaths, but I suspect there have been. This specific risk was pointed out in a petition to the EMA before it issued the EEA. The first cases occurred on the first day of launch in the UK.
  2. Acute / subacute blood clots / bleeding in various anatomical locations, large numbers of deaths and allegedly thousands of vaccine victims in hospitals. This specific risk was uncovered by an international team that wrote an open letter to the EMA in the first quarter of 2021 and followed up with other letters. The letter was completely suppressed by the media, although we used a commercial wire service to mail a copy to almost any news outlet we could find.
    I remember being shocked that not a single ancient medium covered this great public safety problem, which has been extensively described by doctors and scientists. The implication was that all media, except the small, private ones, would be controlled by the perpetrators.
  3. A range of neurological disorders (I’m not sure if these are all secondary to the thromboembolic events or are a separate mechanism, such as an autoimmune attack).
  4. Severe heart damage, especially in younger people. Myocarditis is a tissue-damaging process that cannot be repaired. It shortens life significantly and also affects it. Top athletes have therefore withdrawn. You definitely don’t want that. There are several independent reports and even publications by experts.
  5. Potential Impact on Baby Fertility / Development and Perinatal Injury and Death. Mechanistically, all steps that enable this toxicity have been confirmed.
    Autoimmune reactions to the placenta have been confirmed. This risk was expressly pointed out before each EUA.
    Vaccine manufacturers knew that choosing a particular formulation would lead to accumulation in ovarian tissue.

There is undoubtedly a lot more.

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