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International Person: Communist and socialist ideas are enjoying increasing popularity among Millennials and Generation Z. In fact, the majority of young people reject capitalism and advocate a more socialist or even communist economic system.

This is evidenced by the rise of politicians like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) and The Squad.

What is your opinion?

Doug Casey: The youth are being corrupted, and that’s worse than ever. Although I say this with a wink, since people have probably thought from day one that youth is degenerate.

When Socrates was executed in ancient Greece, one of the two charges was that he was corrupting the youth. The elders always believe that the youth are stupid, ignorant, lazy and crazy and, in general, lead the world to hell in a hand basket. And of course, many of their allegations are and always have been true.

But the older the children get, the wiser, more knowledgeable, hardworking, and prudent they generally become – this is nothing new. Since the beginning of civilization in Sumer 5,000 years ago, the world has outlived about 250 new generations. And she will likely survive this generation too.

That’s the good side. And as you know, I always see the good side. On the other hand, the American university system has been completely absorbed by cultural Marxists, socialists, extras, collectivists, proponents of identity politics, and the like. These people hate western civilization and its values ​​and are actively trying to destroy them. In my view, this is perhaps the greatest challenge we have ever faced, and the dangers are greatly increased as technology advances.

International person: what role do western universities play? How does this affect current and future generations?

Doug Casey: Universities have changed completely in many ways over the past century, and in each case for the worse. When the average 18-year-old goes to college, they know very little about how the world in general works. He’s got vague ideas, mostly gleaned from television, movies, and people who have high school teaching jobs. They basically don’t know anything about the economy, government, or history. Worse still, what they think they know is mostly wrong.

This makes them easy prey for professors with utterly twisted views to indoctrinate them.

It’s not so much about giving them imprecise facts. There are, of course, many “facts” (artificial facts) such as: B. that the war between states (which should not be called civil war) was mainly fought for the liberation of the slaves. Or that Keynesian economics is correct. Or that the USA is a democracy that is governed by “We the People”. And many, many more. But that’s only part of the problem.

It is not just the facts that they are taught. It is the way schools interpret the actual facts and the importance they attach to events. The “why” of events is twisted, and the concepts of good and bad are perverted. The education system has been almost entirely taken over by Marxists and other leftists. They are able to indoctrinate the youth and they use this power to the maximum. Once a child’s mind is bent one way or another – the way a tree can be bent as a sapling – it is very difficult to straighten them.

This naturally leads to the question of whether the youth should be steered in one direction or the other at all. Which values ​​are “right” or “wrong”? I certainly have my own views on the matter, but this is not the place to discuss them – other than basic values ​​being too important to be left to arbitrary government officials.

The real problem, however, is that today’s education system does not teach critical thinking. Rather, it is exactly the opposite. Students are taught to blindly accept what is currently considered politically correct.

Instead of questioning authority in a peaceful and rational way – as Socrates did – the aim is to prevent dissenting views from being discussed at all. The professors are basically all socialists and the children tend to believe what they are taught. These views are reinforced by the other sources of information that surround them – Hollywood, the mass media, and the government itself.

Destructive ideas usually start with the “intellectuals”. Intellectuals usually despise business, trade and production and envy the capitalists for their money. Intellectuals consider themselves not only smarter but also far more moral than business people. In their eyes, this gives them the right to dictate something to everyone else. They are usually socialists and advocate “cadres” like themselves who boss everyone else around. Intellectuals are naturally drawn to universities, where they are paid to hang out, be adored by the children, and hatch silly ideas.

That has always been the case. But it has become a much bigger problem than it has been in the past, in part because a much, much higher percentage of children and teenagers are now attending university than ever before. Even in the recent past, no more than five or 10 percent of children went to college. Almost everyone leaves these days, and a much higher proportion of the youth become infected with left-wing thought patterns than ever before.

Some children grow out of it and realize that most of what they paid an exorbitant amount of money for is nonsense. But most will reflexively defend what they have been taught in the cocoon. And I fear that these people make up a large part of the US population today.

Children who are interviewed say they think socialism is good … I suspect the polls are correct. And even if they don’t think so, almost everyone feels it – although few know the difference between thinking and feeling … If you grew up thinking that the values ​​of socialism and the welfare state are good and everyone around you believes in them , then there is a good chance you will too.

International Person: What do you think of the emphasis on identity politics and the concept of “white privilege”?

Doug Casey: Identity politics is essentially the idea that a person is first and foremost a member of a particular race or ethnicity, and only secondarily is an individual. In recent years, most people have been indoctrinated, indirectly and directly, subtly and openly, that white people and the civilization they create are bad. The meme is ubiquitous. They have come to believe that Western civilization is a bad thing and that whites are destroying the world.

Even if they don’t want to believe it because the concept is so stupid and so totally counterfactual, they end up accepting it because they’ve heard it over and over. Propaganda works. Memes, originally developed by university intellectuals, have profoundly infiltrated the mass media and entertainment industries. It is perverse that today’s “thought leaders” think largely the same thing.

The so-called capitalists and business leaders have not resisted at all, let alone launched a counterattack. All she cares about is making money. In fact, not only do they accept the ideas, but donate money to the causes of their enemies, foolishly assuming that virtue will appease them. It’s an unfortunate fact that business people, especially the suit wearers who run large corporations, don’t really care about how they make money. They tend to be completely amoral or immoral philistines and political scribblers. They seem like hypocrites and are (rightly) despised by intellectuals. The entrepreneurs enjoy working with and for their colleagues in government, which is exactly what Mussolini’s fascism advocates. You donate self-righteously to universities and NGOs and thereby subsidize the source of the poison.

There is almost no defense of the ideas brought to us by Western civilization, which is responsible for pretty much all that is good in the world. I’m not kidding when I make this claim. With the exception of a few anomalies such as Taoism, martial arts, yoga and oriental cuisine, East minus West is zero. Without them, the whole world would look like Africa, Cambodia or Mongolia – not even today, but 200 years ago. Ideas like individualism, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, science, rationality and capitalism are products of Western civilization. These concepts no longer have a defender anywhere. They are attacked everywhere.

International Person: What impact do you think this will have on the markets and the economy?

Doug Casey: I’m pessimistic, especially in the short term, when the Jacobins are in charge in Washington.

How can markets be healthy when what is considered the ruling class in the West hates itself and the middle class is collapsing economically and psychologically? When political entrepreneurship is valued higher than making money through production, when currency is actively destroyed to prop up what has become a very corrupt political system?

Indeed, the economy and markets are the least of our problems. The very foundation of civilization itself is under attack. The widespread acceptance of destructive civic and collectivist ideas should be taken seriously. The consequences will be the same here as in Russia under the Soviets, in Germany under the Nazis and in China under Mao. The situation could be even more serious as the idea of ​​Western civilization is being seriously attacked even in the United States, which has been the bulwark for the last century.

So excuse my pessimistic attitude, but I think it is justified.

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, there is virtually nothing that an individual can do to change the course of these trends.

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